“Stop isolating the positives without symptoms”

The Omicron 5 variant allowed Covid to raise its head. In Italy, we are witnessing a new resumption of the infection curve and many experts indicate that a new summer wave is being observed with a peak that could reach at the end of July. “We must not confuse intelligence with fear.” The trend of the Covid-19 virus should be “monitored but without messages of too much concern or warning” because “the situation is currently under control”. Undersecretary for Health Andrea Costa said on SkyTg24. According to Costa, “If the goal is to live with the virus, we have to learn to live with the positives. I think we need to focus more on the symptoms than the positives. Continuing to look for positives is not the right strategy,” he asserted, stressing that numbers in hospitals are “well below” thresholds.

Omicron 5, milder symptoms (but not the flu)

It is true that most replication of “new sub-variants of Omicron such as Omicron BA.5” occurs in the upper airways, the “upper airways,” but this virus has not yet completely cooled off. There are also cases of pneumonia and interstitial pneumonia “and therefore ‘not at all should be underestimated'”. Virologist Fabrizio Brigliasco, professor at Milan State University, explains this to Adnkronos Health, outlining a ‘distracting message’ that compares to the mutant effect of Sars -CoV-2 as Omicron 5, based on symptoms detected in countries with greater prevalence including Portugal.

A report published last May by Santé Publique France compared symptoms between the different sub-variables of Omicron, from BA.1 that characterized the winter wave between late 2021 and early 2022 to the most recent, BA.4 and BA.5, which at the moment cause Infection is on the rise again. According to the report, there are not many differences. However, problems with fatigue, cough, fever and sore throat increased. The average duration of symptoms will be about four days. However, the analysis of symptoms mainly concerns people who have been vaccinated and thus have already been protected from the aggressive form of the virus. On the other hand, unvaccinated people risk more serious effects.

Galle: Towards less pathogenic variants

The current trend raises something more than just suspicion of a new, modest wave, hopefully represented by the arrival and expansion of another Omicron 5 variant. How good Omicron really is and how many guests defend it, it is not yet possible to say. The strategy of these new variables may go towards fewer diseases. This was stated by Massimo Galli, former Director of the Department of Infectious Diseases at Sacco Hospital in Milan, as a guest of Gr1 on Radio 1.

Costa: Living With Positives Without Symptoms

We have always said – we added the undersecretary – that exiting the state of emergency does not mean exiting a pandemic. The virus is still spreading “and infections are increasing.” I think it is normal if we consider that in our country for days there are no more restrictions and therefore there are more opportunities for meetings and social moments, and therefore the conditions that help to increase infection. “Then the Undersecretary wanted to clarify his position. From ending isolation for the positives: “If the goal is to live with the virus, it also means trading many positives. I’m referring to asymptomatic positives and vaccination. We have to assess what the most appropriate moment will be, we have to get there gradually.”

“On the other hand – noted Costa – when someone has the flu and has mild symptoms, they don’t always stay home.” For the agent, then, “living with the virus means living with the positive,” also considering that “every day about 2.3 million citizens are in isolation, but I think many of them are moving around unknowingly without realizing that they are positive. I do not think the right strategy is to continue to Look for the positives. I think we should focus more on the symptoms that still require caution and perhaps isolation.”

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