Telepass and Generali: The new device gives you access to a plethora of services

It is called “Next” and was born from the union between Telepass and Generali Italia. There are many services provided by this historic partnership. Let’s see in detail what it is and what digital services are available, as well as the traditional non-stop highway tolls at the toll booth!

Telepass, a life-transforming device – Motori.News

The Telepass It is a very useful tool, especially for those who usually go on the highway regularly. In fact, you will avoid being made to stand in line at the toll booth and be able to pass through it without stopping. Technology that began to spread in 1989 in our country. but Telepass has been offered to private clients since 1998.

The The Telepass brand is owned by the joint stock company “Atlantia”. The news of the past few hours relates to one historical turning point A new partnership between the depositor of the registered trademark Telepass and the insurance company Generali Italia. In fact, Telepass introduced a new device to the market – larger than the previous box and the classic we’ve been used to for years. It is called “Next” and, in addition to the toll highway, it gives the user access to a whole gamut of digital services!

What are these services? Allows “Next” option in one box More than 30 new digital services compared to the old Telepass! Among the many services available there are traditional payment services, but also more informational ones. We refer, for example, to the average fuel consumption of your vehicle, the routes the user takes while driving, and the various factors inherent in their style behind the wheel!

Here is “Next”, the new service born from the union of Generali Italia and Telepass!

But what is this poll? It is very beneficial for the customer and for the insurance since then The premium may be below average if your driving style is impeccable!

'next one'
Here is “Next”, the new service born from the union of Telepass and Generali Italia – Motori.News

In addition to paying tolls and driving control, this new service is called Telepass “Next” allows the user to pay In a more practical and fast way also many other things. refer to Stamp, In the Gas, to me parking and Much more! Moreover, by activating the service, you will automatically receive a potential cashback if your highway trip is subject to excessive queues and delays! Technology you can’t miss!

Telepass CEO, Gabriele Benedetto, He expressed himself with these words in his comment on this partnership between Telepass and Generali during the introduction of the new service: The next machine, presented today, is the third initiative among those envisaged through the partnership signed with Generali And also this, as well as highway toll cashback app with auto reimbursement and highway collision coverage, Focuses on technological innovation that has guided us since our birth.”

Benedict continued: “We have encountered an accessible and connected need for mobility from our target audience. Together with Generali Italia, we are proposing one An innovative solution to provide customers with a simple, smooth, intelligent and personalized mobility experience”.

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