The Garrone Mondini family is the landing (millionaire) in the hydrogen sector

Alessandro Garrone

San Quirico, the financial company headed by the family, is ready to invest in the De Nora . group

Genoa – Electrochemical Company De Nora specializes in green hydrogen electrolyzer With the electrolysis of water, determine the price range of the declared landing in Piazza Avari.

The range is between 13.50 and 16.50 euros per share, a value corresponding to a capitalization of between 2.72 and 3.28 billion euros after a specified capital increase.

They announced their participation in the institutional offering, directed exclusively to qualified investors, thus excluding the audience of small savers, as “core investors” (core investors). San Quirico, the holding company headed by the Garrone Mondini family upstream from Ergand 7-Industries Holding, the “family office” of Ruthie Wertheimer, active in minority investments in “high-tech” industrial companies.

The two potential new shareholders have pledged to play their part in the institutional placement with binding participation orders of up to €100 million each.

According to De Nora estimates, based on price halfway down the “fork,” the two “core investors” will buy about 38.3% of the shares offered.

With San Quirico’s investment in De Nora, Erg’s Executive Vice President Alessandro Garrone will be named independent director effective the day of landing at Piazza Affari. More than 35.07 million shares offered will be derived in part from the capital increase, while the De Nora family, which currently controls 64% of the company, and Snam, which owns a 34% stake, will sell a total of 2,026 million shares. .

The group plans to indicate the final price to land in Piazza Avari Within 5 days of the end of the stock offering, which will take place between June 22-30.

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