Three reasons why Ferrari should be hopeful

The next four races could be crucial to Charles’ return. Red has new engines, a responsive team in development and an ally of Carlos in Monaco

By reporter Andrea Cremonese

– Montreal, Canada)

It’s not over yet, even if the sixth victory out of nine races allows Max Verstappen to widen the gap towards the Ferrari fans, who, along with Sergio Perez’s personal ambitions, remain the real obstacles separating the Dutchman from the world title. But Charles Leclerc’s words after the Montreal race (“They’re down 49 points, basically two wins”) show that in Maranello there is still confidence in the ability to give “my pocket”, and change the direction of the championship. From this point of view, July with a four-car race in five weeks looks like a crucial month that will gauge Ferrari’s legitimate global ambitions. The fragility that appeared in Spain and exploded in Baku, combined with the strategic blunder of Monte Carlo, is already beginning to imagine the revival of a film previously seen: a powerful Ferrari at the beginning of the year and then slowly but surely giving way to opponents. It happened more recently – in the hybrid era between 2017 and 2018 also due to Sebastian Vettel’s time-top driver responsibility – and much further, for example in 2013, when Fernando Alonso after victories in China and Spain seemed able to fight back against the Red Bulls. .

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