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France also has to deal with unpredictable weather to say the least. After the heat came to touch 43 degrees Strong winds came. The latter has even led to injuries and deaths in Normandy. This was confirmed by a video posted by La7, in which the swimmers were seen dealing with a storm. Storms reached 100 km / h, beach chairs and tables flew in the air, as well as sand.

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A real tragedy is imminent. According to reports from the Atlantic Maritime Prefecture in Brest, “It was carried out More than sixty operations During the night, very important civilian and military rescue resources were deployed. “Because of the storm, about fifty people were ‘injured or traumatized’ and therefore needed help.

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“It is a north wind that came to chase the warm air, Very rare on the coast‘ commented Méteo FranceLike many, I was surprised to see such a strong storm on the beach. In the meantime, the situation should improve over the next few hours: “Temperatures – France’s forecast – should not exceed +30 degrees Celsius at least for the next 10 days.”

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