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From Stefano Montefiore

“Macron has lost touch with the country, too much power has hurt him,” the former presidential candidate said. And now? “We will see if the government falls or finds some alliance.”

from our reporter

“When one has too much power for too long, one becomes deaf and blind. Macron held full power for five years. The regime invaded him and through democratic elections, God forbid, but this regime showed all its flaws. By denying Macron an absolute majority, the French sacrificed some possibility of governing for the sake of greater democracy. I think it’s good.”
Segolene Royalthe former socialist presidential candidate in 2007, minister and deputy several times, and was the first to call for Left Union behind Melenchonalready on the occasion of the vote for the Elysee.

Is there some form of personal satisfaction?

“I don’t deny it. I have always believed that the Union of the Left is the right way, and that Melenchon is the strongest man capable of making it happen. Then, of course, I am also concerned about the current block, but a solution will be found.”

“I hope so. It is wrong to give all the powers to only one person so as not to worry about the pursuit of compromises and alliances. Politics is also mediation and the search for agreements. This unprecedented situation of France can serve her. To ratify Macron’s decisions.”

Why does he say Macron is deaf and blind?

“Just look who I appointed as Prime Minister: Elizabeth Bourne, who was the transport minister at the origin of the carbon tax that sparked the Yellow Vests revolution. France was shaken by a huge protest, refused to withdraw that unjust tax, and in any case she is now Prime Minister. It means that Macron has lost touch with the country. , Too much force hurts.”

Is this election a turning point?

I think so, because unlike the majority to be found, the French made it clear that they were fed up with technocratic decisions. They want a more humane policy, designed for future generations. More environment, more protection for public services which are the heritage of those who do not have any.”

Did Macron also pay for the plan to raise the retirement age to 65?

“I think he has lost a lot of seats because for the past five years he has pursued a policy that is very liberal, very favorable to the wealthy and inattentive to the less fortunate. And again he blames ordinary citizens with talking about public deficits and pension reform, when the big French listed companies are making record profits. “Energy companies are making extraordinary profits while citizens struggle to fill up on petrol. It’s an economic model that no longer works.”

In addition to the numerous Nupes of Mélenchon seats and the erosion of the government coalition, the other element is the mass entry of Libyan MPs.

“And here, too, Macron bears a responsibility. First, in the presidential election, he demanded votes from the far left to disrupt Marine Le Pen and conquer the Elysee. Then, in the legislature, fearing that Melenchon would advance too far, he equated the far left with the far right. Thus began the Libyans, who achieved great success.”

At the beginning of July there will be the first suggestion of assigning blame, and we will see if the government falls or finds some alliance. In the meantime, I am pleased that Parliament has also been reborn thanks to new MPs such as the cleaning lady Rachel Keke.”

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