American synchronized swimming star Anita Alvarez drowns in the water at the World Championships, saved by her coach –

From Ariana Ravelli, sent to Budapest

The American Synchro fell ill at the end of the exercise, fainting and unconscious for several seconds underwater. Then the surgery that saved her life

It’s fine now, but for a few minutes it shook the entire synchronized swimming facility and millions of viewers at home. In the Szechy . poolWhile the US free song auditions were going on Anita AlvarezThe 25-year-old fell ill at the end of the exercise, fainted and was underwater for several seconds, taking the entire organization by surprise if it was true that no one intervened.

Then it was the US coach who dunked her, rescued her, and carried her to the poolside. Only then did the medical staff and paramedics intervene. transported to the dispensary and examined, Anita (Synchron boasts of Olympic participation in Rio and a certain irony if it is true that in the autobiography of the presentation he wrote, I took the elevator twice with Michael Phelps and trampled on Michelle Obama’s toes when she hugged me on a visit to the White House) He was judged out of danger. Soon, also to reassure everyone about her condition, she returned to the group, where she greeted the embrace of her crew and the applause of all the athletes present at the training pool. The cause of the illness remains unclear, we think of a combination of heat (an outdoor synchronized pool) and racing stress.

In the same race, Japan’s Inoue won the fourth place. The blue player Linda Cerruti, 28, from Genoa, took fourth place.

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