Battlefield 2042 is DICE’s only project, no time for Mirror’s Edge or anything else –

He says she’s going to Re-release Battlefield 2042 With all his might, to the point that he doesn’t have time to pursue other projects like mirror edge Or other potential games, because the goal is to make the shooter the only ongoing project within the team.

That’s what he said Rebecka Coutaz, the new General Manager DICE, in his first interview since taking on the role in question: “We are only focused on Battlefield 2042, There is no time for anything else “And that’s what we want to do,” Kotaz said in response to the team’s question about potential new projects.

“In three years’ time, we want to be the maker of the high-caliber first-person shooter games that SAYS deserves, and that’s what we’re going to do.”

The idea that comes from the general reorganization of DICE, which has already been announced in recent months, is that the team is destined to be Exclusively for the Battlefield seriestrying in this way to counteract the “COD Factory” created by Activision with its teams.

This won’t leave room for other games, so it seems unlikely that from now on DICE will be able to take an interest in other projects, like Mirror’s Edge, for example. “We want DICE to be the first team in matches First person shooter in Europe, and one of the largest in the world, Kotaz said. “It’s a great team, we’ll make magic together.”

Battlefield 2042’s start was decidedly rough, with several technical issues and a worrying drop in player numbers within weeks of launch, but EA intends to continue long-term support, CEO Andrew Wilson also reported last year.

“This is one of the greatest franchises in the industry, built by one of the greatest teams in the industry and our expectation is to continue to develop it and make it an increasingly important part of our portfolio for many more years,” Wilson reported. . So DICE has been reorganized by also taking advantage of Vince Zampella’s guide on the Battlefield brand, destined to become a world linked to games and projects from different teams.

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