Bill Cosby guilty of sexual assault of a minor

Bill Cosby sinner sexual assault About a woman who was at that time under the legal age. The jury decided that the civil trial was coming to an end in California. Judy Huth, the victim, was 16 years old at the time. The harassment occurred at Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion in 1975.

Huth accepted the invitation of Cosby, who at that time was already a famous actress, to join him at Villa Hefner, but she did not expect that the comedian, who in those years starred in films with Sidney Poitier and Richard Pryor, would force her to do so. Unwelcome sexual act Cosby will now have to pay half a million dollars in compensation.

The ruling helps demolish once again the image of the former good father of “Bill Cosby Show” (in Italy he appeared as “The Robinsons”) who had previously been convicted by a criminal court for sexual harassment and then released for a form defect. Huth entered the field in 2014, but in addition to her, the L.A. ruling satisfies dozens of women who, over the years, have told the same story about Cosby: cajoled and seduced in the bedroom, drugged or induced to drink. Until you lose consciousness and then attack you. Many of them, at the time of the first trial, could not be heard because they did not come forward at the time of the facts, but in the case of Jodi Huth, the possibility of placing Cosby before his responsibilities was admitted because the woman in 1975 was a minor and sued in civil court.

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