But have you seen the most terrible thing ever? hold up

In the history of the worst tuning ever made, the car was so ugly that its basic version could win the Villa d’Este Concorso d’Eleganza in comparison to its base version. Hold on tight and not so to speak…

When we tell you in Quattromania “Wait hard” we don’t say much. Our most loyal readers know this well and know how hard it is to find, discover and showcase new archaeologists. Horrors like what you see in these pages. The Fiat Multipla of the first generation is not exactly the most flattering car in the world from a stylistic point of view, and this is not a mystery.

What a color scheme, gentlemen (Top Gear)

When it was introduced in 1998, it was Fiat Multipla It was the subject of ridicule from the press, especially as usual by the English, especially the cruelty and the ability to identify the car as a “whale” perhaps unaware of the fact that the last car so called by journalists, the Citroen DS. It later became one of the most popular sedans in the world.

Multipla is now considered Worship on four wheels But at that time, the criticism was so intense that the second generation of the car, while retaining the innovative arrangement of the six interior seats, radically changed its appearance, abandoning the front camber as early as 2004. On the Web, we found out that the base Multipla was not bad Very at the time: compared to this tuning, it really does look like a Bugatti.

from the red card

The exterior of the car, as you can immediately see, is not quite the best. The car looks like a Big Bubble package and those tubes are in there…we didn’t really get it. What, is the owner a fan of steampunk pictures? Or is the engine running on coal? But if this look seems foolish to you, wait until you see it How to “marry” with interiors. You are ready?

Top Gear Interior 22_06_22 Quattromania
Yes, I love football, how do you understand that? (maximum speed)

Simply unrepresentable. Imagine going on a date and when the other person comes to pick you up, the door opens and you find yourself immersed in this forest of mint colored artificial grass which we’re sure is also annoying in the summer when it starts to get really hot.

But the bigger question is: What the hell matches the outside? We have thought of photomontage but if you look carefully at the cover photo the green benches and door can also be seen from the window. We have no explanation, you find meaning for this creation. In the meantime, we’ll be flooding our eyes with a nice batch of pictures of supercars before we suffer from some digestive ailments.

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