Canavaccolo: “I will open its doors in Tuscany. As a boy I used to work for free but young people today want more”

Do you see here? We are close to Borgomanero, San Maurizio d’Opaglio and Gozzano. The green province of Novara overlooking Lake Orta and has large industries in the area of ​​taps and fixtures behind. Today these entrepreneurs are my clients and they are all my friends, they call me Tonino, says Antonino Canavacciolo, one of the few Italian chefs to be awarded by mentors and at the same time a successful TV personality. But at first when I opened Villa Crispi, I was not even 25 years old, from Naples, they all looked at me strangely, and did not trust me. Then I talked about the amberjack, the rock fish. And here there were people who did not eat fish and did not know what burrata is. They say his motto has always been: Fear, never money. But now I can’t say that anymore. They laugh at me. At Masterchef Locatelli he almost insulted me for this, jokingly. Almost 25 years later, Cannavacciuolo, who was born in the center of Vico Equense but grew up in Ticciano from the age of six, is ready to dedicate his home The latest project of the fourth Aqua Resort And the first restaurant in Small hotel outside of two areas, Campania and Piedmont. Meanwhile, he plans to change the organization of work at Villa Crespi: As of August, we will close two days, maybe two and a half days a week, in order to relieve the fatigue of the brigade.

So the new tag. It’s called Laqua Vineyard and it will officially open its doors on June 24 On a farm with a garden in the small Etruscan village of Casanova, in the municipality of Terricciola, between Pisa and Volterra. The interior is already ready Resturant (with design studio lamatilde site) in the central area of ​​the farm – with Open kitchen, large social table, private room and two menus (Menu and tasting curated withExecutive Chef Marco Soriano) – And the six apartments, while a wellness area and a large swimming pool overlooking the vineyards are about to be built. one in between Fine food and wine It will be a strong partnership. It is no coincidence that there is also the idea of ​​collaborating with the nearby La Spinetta winery from the Rivetti family to organize the events together.

With his wife Cinzia Primatista

The Tuscan project was also born from the union between Canavaccolo and his wife Cinzia Primatista. You and me have a friendship. I always say: If only Cinzia and I had been engaged, we would have already broken up. It works between us like this: she pretends to want to stop, she says enough, and now let’s enjoy life, but then she always puts something new on the table. And when you don’t, I do. Such as, in fact, the new resort in Tuscany or the future idea of ​​\u200b\u200bcreating an e-commerce service abroad, in addition to the existing Italian service. Deadline passed, I know it’s bad – He says it almost in a low voice – But Cinzia and I We are addicted and addicted to growth, development and challenges. We always think about business. On the honeymoon, I brought recipes with me to study and Cinzia was thinking about how to settle the accounts. That I don’t work in the end: I enjoy it. So growth now should also be an opportunity to make those who work with me feel good. In “Villa Crespi” – he explains – in addition to reducing working days, we will also remove some tables, we will not have tables for 8: so the restaurant will be more exclusive. One way to try to grab three Michelin stars. I wake up every morning working to get there. Like the desire to win the Champions League for the player. If you take this ambition for my sake.

Training, vocational training, working conditions

But also, above all, as Canavakulu says, two ways To avoid excessive stress in the kitchen and dining room. A topic, working conditions, that is widely spoken today. I started when I was a boy doing free training programs and paying for my stay in France. But it was my choice that I desperately wanted to make – Tells -. However, times have changed: You need fair apprenticeship when you’re young, but those who work today demand, in addition to a well-earned salary, more quality and time available.. After all, the changing world: My dad has worked harder than me, I’ve done less than him and maybe my kids will work a little less than me. Today we try to make the brigade feel good, to please him: without my sons, I do nothing, therefore I must protect them, and my success must also be theirs. Next, there are other issues to be addressed: for example, the terrible tax burden on the entrepreneur. But I don’t have the solution, I’m not a politician, I’m just a cook.

Love and hate with dad

A cook desperately wanted this life as a boy, even against his parents’ wish. With my dad, Andrea, A cook and teacher at the hotel school in Vico where Antonino studied, says that there Hate and love relationship. My father always worked a lot, left the house at 7 and came back at 1 am every day. We never go on holidays together, and we never come to see me play football. I just worked. I heard my mother say to her friends: I live a widow’s life, I see my husband only at night. In the end, it was against the path I chose. But he challenged me. I said to myself: Do you think I can’t do that? And so it started. Even my mother, when I started traveling for work, called me and said in her accent: Tonino, please, go back to Naples. area(I argue, so) I. But he wants to go alone. At the age of 18, my father wanted me to buy a golf game. There was an announcement of the black sheep among the white flock that everyone was watching. But I told him: Dad, stop, I’ll buy the car when I can. And when I got here in Piedmont, I was in season, I slept two kilometers away, I was going back and forth and needed the car. I went to the dealer and asked him: How much does the car cost to get rid of? I took this: Renault 4 paid 500 thousand lira. But I was the happiest man in the world.

Start at Villa Crispi

In 1999, Canavachulu, aged 25 at the time, and his wife acquired Villa Crespi. The first times are effort and many investments. I’m not ashamed to say it. One January, I told Cinzia: This year we can’t go on vacation. I fell into debt to buy the Meta di Sorrento. Then people say I made money from TV: Well, I actually invested almost 4 million before.. Then, of course, the success you had with Cucine da nightmare and Masterchef bello: it gave us solidity, today we are stronger as entrepreneurs, we can invest. With my first earnings I made a bigger kitchen. But the TV is also what allowed me to stay shut down for about 5 months during the first shutdown, always paying salaries and anticipating layoffs. Later, the couple, parents of two children, Elisa, 15, and Andrea, 9, opened their own little bars in Turin and Novara, both of which are now shining, and finally Lacoa Resorts, a small chain of luxury family hotels with restaurants by location, has opened: in Sorrento, indeed, in Ticiano (astral), and finally before Terricciola, Lakeside in Pettenasco, which opened last year three kilometers from Villa Crespi. A structure born with the idea of ​​offering a more formal table, as well as apartments designed for the clients of the parent restaurant. The resort overlooks the lake: We also built wooden piers, and here on the lake nobody owns them. We eat dishes related to Cannavacciuolo’s history and place. From pike with arugula to baleen to parmigiana to linguina with clams and lemon. The kitchen is run by the Executive Chef Gianni Burton: Very well, he participated in the Masters, and then he chased after me for months. Once he got so bored that I asked him to come see me at Villa Crispy. Now six years of me.

No diet. Nutritional re-education only

But, if he’s not on TV, Cannavacciuolo is always on the go, checking in, helping with service, tasting all the preparations. I will be a cook all my life. I love frying, tasting and eating. I just cooked at closing. I woke up, had breakfast, then an hour in the gym and from 11 to 16 I was in the kitchen. I made the font for Cincia, the font for Elisa and the other for Andrea. Rejoice in the dark moment. You haven’t eaten as well and healthy as in that period. What about the famous diet? But what diet? Diet is mental stress, makes friendships far away. Instead, I made one Nutritional re-education. My weight was 155 kilograms, if you look at some pictures, I don’t know myself. Now my weight is 133 but I have also reached 128: I have to start over with physical activity. I removed easy food and snacks, for a long time I avoided croissants in the morning: before that when I ate it I felt that my body was boiling. Now I have a healthy breakfast – and he is keen to clarify – two eggs or cereal with kefir, fruits and coffee. At noon fish or meat and vegetables. The same evening. pasta now and then. Then if you take me to “Da Vittorio” in Bergamo, I don’t eat a little boiled fish. Food always makes life happy. How does it seem to be. Especially after taking it off Bigger freak: Ticiano Resort. Only a fool can open there, the streets are narrow, there is nothing. But I made my father’s dream come true. In 1994 my father bought this building with his savings. He did it for me. He used to say: So when Tonino returns, the restaurant and the apartment will be built here. But I have always stayed in Piedmont and knew I had caught him by staying here. And in fact, when we opened there, do you know what he told me? Now I’m finally calm. Like, perhaps, Antonino too.

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