Euro banknotes are on alert across Italy: this is what will happen

The context associated with banknotes inevitably affects every class of citizen, because it has long been the primary form of “money” as well as the electronic one. Even paper money in fact is constantly evolving, it has already been “forced” to adapt to the changes of time, but also more practically to combat counterfeiting, which is a known and common problem on the part of every country that uses this form of currency. Even the euro, although a recent “invention”, in fact has already changed its appearance and structure. What future changes are already planned in the future?

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Indeed, euro banknotes are already in the “second step” of the evolutionary process that led the European Central Bank to conceive the second series of its paper issues, which are used today by more than 330 million citizens of the continent. Series Europe, which is the most widespread, gradually replaced the first series starting in 2013, with the €5 version that gradually replaced the endorsements that had been introduced since 2002. As you know, they are still 100% valid today. Also older versions and so it will also be in the future, although the European Central Bank has officially suspended production of the “key” denomination, that is, the 500-euro denomination. The reason is not so much related to counterfeiting (because it is a little counterfeit banknote), but rather the use of this highly valuable category by criminal associations. That is why even such banknotes, with their “for example” remaining validity, have not been produced for several years.

Euro banknotes are on alert across Italy: this is what will happen

The European Central Bank has already announced a third series of euro banknotes, the project of which will start from 2024. In addition to 500 euros, most likely the 200-euro banknote could have the same fate, and while it remains valid, it can have the same fate. In fact it is not printed.

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