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Chronicle of events in Italy – Hungary 10-9

Carlo Silepo: “I loved the team’s attitude”

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22:08 The live broadcast of Italy and Hungary has ended here. Thank you for joining us. Good evening continuation to all OA Sport friends and readers.

It’s 22:07 so Friday would be a good time for Italy, Colombia, Canada and Hungary. On the third day, the winner of the group and those who go to the playoffs will be determined.

22:05 The extraordinary victory for Citerosa, who folds the hosts 10-9 and sees the first team will have priority from Group One. As for coach Silbo’s blue, he will only have to play with Colombia, the group’s original buffer team. Canada leads on goal difference, but Italy will have the simplest game on their side.

game over

0.08 Rita Keshetili scores her first goal of the evening. A very bitter goal from the captain of Hungary. Italy 10 – Hungary 9

0.25 blue left attack.

0.52 Critical Defense of Viacava!!! Silipo timeout. Very little is missing from the company.

1.15 Setterosa consumes all available seconds. Hungary deadline.

1.40 Barks Error! The ball to Italy, which he can manage.

2.00 Italy was saved, but when reversing in front of Palmieri did not find the target +3.

2.45 Marlita’s game ends here, as she made her third fatal mistake. For the Hungarians, two players have already wrapped up the match with total fouls.

3.10 Tabanyiii !!! From afar, Chiara finds the goal post, which means the first extension for Italy. Italy 10 Hungary 8

3.33 The exciting defense of Italy.

4.00 Sofia Giustini Don’t waste time! Blue First Intent puts on the net and pushes Setterosa forward. Italy 9 Hungary 8

4.10 Serious error from Hungary. Timeout called by Silipo.

4.30 Szilagyi Again this hurts us. A goal from the center distance of the Hungarian who finds the equalizer for his team. Italy 8 Hungary 8

4.46 Another red card, Gallardi’s second major foul.

5.06 This blue attack is highly anticipated.

5.30 Giulia Emmolo great defense, we’re saved again.

5.50 Serious error by Justini, 2nd employee.

6.12 Corridor Towards Inaccurate Adoption. A good defense of Hungary, which starts over.

6.39 Parkes attack foul, Italy breathe.

7.01 A forced shot by Giustini who had no luck.

7.35 fourth sprint out of four won by the Hungarians. The first conclusion, however, is to take the crossbar. Ball to Italy.

fourth time

The end of the third time

0.20 A serious mistake by Becozzi, but the blue defense saved the numerical superiority.

0.43 penalty kick for Italy and Marlita is not a foul!!! We are ahead again. Italy 8 Hungary 7

1.08 Erroraccio also for landlords. The ball that goes back is available to Italy.

1.23 Bad attack by Setterosa.

1.54 Szilagyi finds a nice pass and punishes the blue back guard. Italy 7 Hungary 7

2.10 Quirolo in the cockpit. Hungary deadline.

2.30 Italy also throws the ball away.

2.54 naive Hungarians who lost the ball.

3.10 The second fatal error is also for Marlita.

3.25 Marlita, adoption magnate. Unfortunate blue.

4.25 Super Pancelli Parade! The ball belongs to Setterosa.

4.44 ejected for Viacava, for his second serious foul.

5.10 MARLETTAAAA! After the date missed the net in numerical superiority, Claudia Marlita recovered the ball and stabbed the Hungarians. Italy 7 Hungary 6

5.49 Good Pancelli parade. Italy can start over.

6.15 Chiara Tabani’s conclusion does not go to the end.

6.38 The great defense of Italy, who now have the ball to the advantage.

7.10 Yards!!! Setterosa finds parity by exploiting another numerical superiority. Great target of the blue who finds the winning conclusion in a crowded area. Italy 6 – Hungary 6

7.34 The Hungarians won the third race, but took the bar with the first score from the third break.

the third time

the second time

0.01 Emmolo shot in the background. The second half ends here.

0.30 attacker error. Italy’s latest job.

0.40 Gallardi’s score does not go, the ball goes back to Hungary.

1.06 Excellent blue defense, with Gurisatti who can’t fire a dangerous shot.

1.58 Great procession by Banchelli on the Hungarian counterattack.

2.09 Error attack by Gallardi.

2.18 Hungarian share, Citrosa who was rescued.

2.35 Viacava in the cockpit.

3.21 Gurisatti brings the Hungarians forward, but this time until he exploits their double numerical superiority. Lots of taxes on the governors tonight. Parcel float. Italy 5 – Hungary 6

3.58 Avigno! Another perfect conclusion from Sylvia, who realizes another numerical superiority. Italy 5 Hungary 5

4.55 A blue tie doesn’t last long. Yet another expulsion, this time by Marlita, arrives in the Parks trilogy. Italy 4 – Hungary 5

5.20 Bad attack from Hungary too. On reversing in front of Setterosa, he finds a tie with a great race car by Silvia Avegno! Italy 4 Hungary 4

5.40 We are ahead of Gallardi, we still fail the attack.

6.09 We save ourselves in this situation of inferiority with Bancelli who saves the ball by sending the ball to the post.

6.51 We again miss the numerical superiority over Giustiny’s violation. Pity.

7:32 The second sprint won by the Hungarians, who, however, lost the pass to Rebecca Parks.

the other half

The end of the first half

0.28 Quirolo this time blessed his opponents.

0.49 supremacy for Italy.

1.07 tycoon angel. Bancelli recovers the ball and returns the blue ball.

1.40 Setterosa isn’t wrong this time around, relying on Elisa Queirolo’s gorgeous diagonal. Italy 3 – Hungary 4

1.56 It’s raining evictions, and this time Hungary finds itself with one less unit.

2.20 A mistake in shooting the Bianconi, Italy missed the opportunity to excel.

2.48 Hungary does not give up anything with the extra man. Garda puts a new extension target on the net. Italy 2 – Hungary 4

3.03 Justini ejected entering the cockpit.

3.24 Palmieri attack error.

3.38 A beautiful procession by Banchelli, which Italy can attack.

4.10 We make the most of supremacy with Giulia Viacava sending help to kiss her partner on the net. Italy 2 – Hungary 3

4.26 Italy’s numerical superiority.

4.54 Error attack by Hungary.

5.20 Bianconi’s naivety is amazing, as he awarded the ball to Parks. For Hungarians it is very easy to find a double personality. Italy 1 – Hungary 3

5.40 Setterosa finally rocked, garnering numerical superiority and results with Domitilla Picozzi’s finale. Italy 1 – Hungary 2

6.12 Doubling the owners who take advantage of the second numerical superiority. Italy 0 – Hungary 2

6.40 Another ejection, Claudia Marlita, ends up in the cockpit.

7.31 Rebecca Parks scores immediately. The advantage of eating is instant. Italy 0 – Hungary 1

7.47 The first sprint race won by the owners of the land. Immediately the first expulsion of Tabani. Hungary attack by numerical superiority.

first half

20:58 Here we go, two minutes and Italy-Hungary begins. Enjoy and Power Setterosa!

20:56 The Italian acting made itself felt, not a little. Now it’s time for the Hungarian anthem.

20:55 From the national anthem we start with the Italian anthem.

20:53 The speaker ends the formal presentation. It will then continue with national anthems. The atmosphere this evening is really beautiful.

20:50 Everything is ready in a packed swimming pool on Margaret Island in Budapest for Italy and Hungary. Overcast skies in the gorgeous Hungarian capital, which are gearing up to experience a wonderful evening of water polo.

20:46 Colombia, which gave way to Canada by achieving the second goal in the World Cup finals. 22-2 for North Americans who have obtained at least qualification for a playoff match.

20:44 Setterossa tries to score for the company after a draw in his debut against Canada. There should be no problems in the next stage, given the presence in the Colombia group, the most classic of the mattress teams. However, reaching the playoffs from third place could cause many troubles for Carlo Silbo’s team.

20:40 Good evening and welcome to our live written broadcast of Italy and Hungary, a valid match for Group A of the 2022 Women’s World Waterpolo Championships.

Welcome to Live broadcast of the second match of Group A of the World Women’s Championship in Waterpolo 2022 between Italy and Hungary. Setterosa challenges extremely powerful hosts to search for useful certainty in light of the knockout stage. It will be a really complicated challenge for the girls led by Carlo Selepo, who will have to try to surprise the Magyars after a draw in their first game against Canada.

Blue, after 7-7 with North America, reach the big match in which they want to rediscover the sensations of the European League final last April, where they defeated the Hungarians 10-9. To repeat this feat, they will necessarily have to hold on to the liveliness of goalkeeper Katrina Pancelli, and the freshness of young Sophia Giustini, among the best in the draw with Canada. Much pride is to be expected from Elisa Kerolo and Julia Emolo.

On the other hand, Hungary are strong in their 35-4 landslide victory over unfortunate Colombia, the blocker team of Group A. The Hungarians want to put in a serious mortgage when they reach the quarter-finals. Remember that only the first seed from each group passes directly to the quarter-finals, while the second and third will compete in the play-off.

The World Waterpolo 2022 Women’s World Championships Waterpolo 2022 Round robin match between Italy and Hungary will begin at 21.00 at the Budapest Swimming Pool. It will be possible to follow the event live on TV on Raisport, and broadcast live on Raiplay. OA Sport will provide you with live text minute by minute. Enjoy and Power Setterosa!

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