Fighting, DLC, open world and voice acting. The third trailer in the fall

Naoki Yoshida Final Fantasy XVI producerHe has been interviewed by several international newspapers including Game Informer, GameSpot, GamesRadar, IGN USA, PlayStation Blog, Square Enix Blog, Washington Post,, Dengeki Online and Famitsu. For the occasion, the producer revealed new details about the game.

Yoshida confirms that Clive will get “A massive arsenal of powerful attacks and abilities based on the Final Fantasy imitation‘, there will be later Battles between iKON in real time Some are reminiscent of 3D shooting games Others are inspired by wrestling matchesstill others turn the arena into a battlefield, each type of combat will be different, and even the on-screen interface will have slight graphic differences.

will accompany the protagonist of Final Fantasy XVI”by one or more companions for most of his journey”, some partners will also take part in battles, In any case, everything will be controlled by AI without player intervention. The story will see Clive develop through three different stages, from his teens to his thirties.

Yoshida then emphasizes how he and his team (Square Enix Creative Business Unit III) chose a medieval environment out of their liking, all of the team adored medieval aesthetics and therefore wanted to try their hand at a project of this nature. Final Fantasy 16 will not be an open world game Although it will offer vast areas to explore, the team has chosen to design a map “based on area“.Then Yoshida confirms how the match will be.”Full experience at launch” And the The team currently has no plans for DLC or secondary expansions.

As of today, Final Fantasy 16 can be played from start to finish, but there is still some work to be done in terms of improving the gameplay, balancing difficulty, cleaning up the cut scene, and general debugging on a large scale to make sure everything works to best face. Yoshida later reveals that the game “It will be dubbed into several languagesThe dubbing sessions haven’t ended yet and some haven’t even started. Will Final Fantasy 16 be dubbed into Italian? Unfortunately the supported languages ​​are not revealed.

Finally, we found it The third trailer for Final Fantasy XIV is due out this fall It will focus on the game world, traditions and story. Final Fantasy 16 is expected to be released in the summer of 2023 exclusively on PlayStation 5.

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