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Bad news for many fans of the penultimate winner of “Amechi Di Maria Di Filippi”. Here’s what happened

last year Julia He was the absolute star of his historical talent show Maria de Filippi. The dancer was distinguished by her talent and sympathy, which brought her extraordinary success. The victory came after the final match played against her boyfriend Saint John. The couple, more than a year later, is still happily united in a wonderful romantic relationship.

Julia Stapel, winner of the 21st edition of “Amici” (Websource)

Latest version of “friends” It was won instead by a singer whose name matches his name Luigi Strangis. The young artist defeated his classmate Michele Esposito during the final class, who in any case won the prize of fifty thousand euros belonging to the winning category.

Nothing all the other disciples do, and among them definitely a name that stands out LDA. Luca, just a few days ago, appeared on the small screen at the height of Ray 1, on the occasion of the thirty-year concert / event dedicated to his father Gigi. The boy and his father exchanged beautiful sentences with each other, each praising the other’s many qualities.

Julia Stapel, unfortunately we don’t see her there anymore

Currently, a bombshell has been reported on Davide Maggio’s Instagram page regarding the future of the talented Italian dancer. Apparently Julia is ready to say goodbye In a TV show he co-filmed this year. We are talking about “Tu si que vales”broadcast format on Canale 5 frequencies conducted by the wonderful Belen Rodriguez.

Julia Stapel (web source)

Other cast members must be confirmed, from Martin Castrogiovanni and Alessio Sakara to the jury he shaped Jerry Scotti, Maria De Filippi, Rudy Zerbe, Teo Mamukari and Sabrina Ferrelli. The news of the stable’s farewell appears to be quite tangible, since there has been no talk of minor rumours.

It is possible that the winner of the previous version of “Amici” will have new projects in the future, perhaps rightly related to the world of dance. That doesn’t mean he won’t be on other TV shows, but now it seems certain that he will We will never see him again As a constant presence in “Tu si que vales”. For dancer fans, this is shocking newsUnfortunately, in such cases one cannot but accept the truth of the facts.

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