In the summer (and after a run), can ice cream replace a full meal?

“In general, I would say no,” Dr. Fitobello explains. A meal that is considered complete and balanced should contain A source of complex carbohydrates and a source of protein. Then fiber and good fats. Ice cream mainly contains sugars, i.e. simple, uncomplicated carbohydrates such as starch.”

The recommendation we’ve always heard is that At most 10% of our total calories per day should be provided by sugars. “And ice cream is basically a group of sugars. Then, in the case of industrial products or handmade flavors, even fat is added to it, moreover of very poor quality,” comments Chiara Fitobello.

There are no proteins in ice cream, “allies” of every athlete. “Then there is also a lack of fiber and micronutrients such as minerals and vitamins. So it is an unbalanced food next to complex carbohydrates. That is why I don’t feel like I can say they can be combined as a replacement for a full meal.”

However – continues the nutritionist – The rule of moderation always applies. So, if you want to eat ice cream, don’t panic. Sweets are at the top of the food pyramid: At the base are categories of foods that should be eaten frequently. Desserts like ice cream are at the top and therefore should be more, the exception to the rule. It doesn’t have to be a habit even in the summer.”

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