Julia Salmi’s reaction

A few days ago during Tg1, Amadeus has officially announced the name of the first co-host he will be joining on stage for the Ariston of Sanremo Festival: Chiara Ferragni. The digital entrepreneur, known worldwide, will walk the stage of the singing festival on opening night and then on the final night.

After the announcement, the influencer posted on her Instagram profile a photo she took with the host and a video in which the moment was filmed. Amadeus The news was reported. Many comments, there were those who congratulated, but also those who criticized the choice to wear Virigny At the Ariston Theatre.

a while ago too Julia Salmi She expressed herself about the presence of the blonde influencer in San Remo. His words were unexpected to say the least:

Chiara Ferragni Conducting the Sanremo Festival is a dream come true. I mean our dream. Those generations of influencers and creators who have grown up view it as a reference point from which to draw inspiration to build a future. The news moved me, as if I had to climb to that stage we all dream about.

Because Clear She has this power, the power to unite people, to share her emotions and thoughts with those who follow her. A must have for those who do the job. Chiara Ferragni It has become necessary by doing what many try to do well every day. Sometimes we succeed and sometimes we don’t.

The Italian government relied on it in the most difficult moment of the epidemic to educate young people about the use of masks. Uffizi Director in Florence Eck Schmidt He relied on it to bring them closer to art. Liliana Sejri He wanted to make them aware of Shoa.

Today I no longer have to explain the work I do thanks to Chiara Ferragni That gave dignity and identity to a huge class of workers who until recently were considered self-portrait idiots.

If I buy a house today I open my brand I am a certification and ambassador for 4 brands If I use TV in branded content and do at least 50 digital activities a year in some way that’s also thanks Chiara Ferragni Who would have imagined before all of us this work…

My father has been a policeman for 30 years, a servant of the state, and he is proud of me for being such an influential person. Also for this… Thank you Clear.


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