Miners in crisis, cards sold out in live

All speculative bubbles, sooner or later, burst. And this is what we see (finally, according to more than one user) with a file Cryptocurrency crash. between his pictures international instabilityThe More restrictive measures taken by China against miningInflation is imminent End of Proof of Work for Ethereum (Although “merge” is postponed again), which will go to the form proof of stake (which no longer requires the use of GPU) to maintain the safety blockchainAnd the The mice begin to abandon the ship.

In the midst of the gold rush, when miners and various speculators (the so-called speculators) began hoarding graphics cards, leaving many users to whom these cards were marketed stumbled and causing a crazy price increase of these cards. A few units arrived on the shelves, Bitcoin arrived To a peak of over €60,000 per unit value, as Ethereum promised well. As a result, many rub their hands together believing that they can get a quick and great return on investment.

At the time of writing this article, BTC It has a little more value 19 thousand eurosWhile ETH standing in Just over a thousandSo it’s no surprise that miners started doing it Sell ​​their GPUsto limit damage and get as much money back as possible as soon as possible (according to some inevitable crypto crash).

Videocardz.com It reported that many miners and Internet cafes in China began auctioning a certain amount of GPUs that were purchased in bulk for mining, as shown in Twitter From Hassan Mojtaba and report it Baidu. In the case of Internet cafes, many owners thought well of taking a mining boat, but almost immediately found themselves faced with the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, another blow to the sector that contributed to the current situation.

Therefore, it was sold through specific direct streams RTX 3060 Ti to no more than 400 dollarswith other cards much less thanMSRPi.e. the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

and with us? On the other hand, the situation is starting to improve timidly, with Nvidia launching the campaign “ready and available“For RTX 3000 and the theoretically Next RTX 4000Prices are definitely not comparable to what we see in China. Sure, let’s talk about New cards and stock against cards used (It’s probably worn out), but the fact remains that at the end of this bubble, a filebitter For three years really problem In terms of availability and marks, with all due respect to those who, in order to get a quick and easy income, have contributed not only to Huge waste of energy resourcesbut also for one person disastrous market condition Which likely won’t go away any time soon.

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