Moscow: “The response to the blockade of Kaliningrad will not be diplomatic.” Schultz: “We will defend every square meter of NATO.” European Union: “Guaranteed transit of essential goods” – live coverage

Finland: ‘Ready to fight if attacked’

If attacked, Finland is ready to fight. This was confirmed by the Chief of Staff of the Helsinki Army, Timo Kevinen, commenting on the dangers of military threats from Russia. “We have systematically developed our military defense for exactly the kind of war being fought ‘in Ukraine’, with extensive use of weapons of firepower, armored forces and even air forces,” the Finnish general explained, citing the Guardian. “Ukraine was a hard-to-chew bite — He added – and so did Finland.”

Moscow: “Contacts with the United States about the captured American mercenaries”

Moscow confirmed that it had received a message from Washington regarding the fate of two American citizens who were captured in Ukraine and accused of mercenaries in the service of Kyiv. This was stated by Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, adding that the Russian authorities are “discussing” the issue. Previously, State Department spokesperson Ned Price announced that contacts are underway between the United States and Russia on this issue. Ryabkov, quoted by TASS, did not disclose the content of the letter. “We do not comment on the content of diplomatic requests,” he stressed.

Schulz: “Now also the Western Balkans in the EU”

The countries of the Western Balkans also deserve a clear answer.” German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said in Berlin, speaking to the Bundestag. “We have to be clear: the time is now. We want and need the Western Balkan countries in the European Union. This was the message of my trip to the region. And that will be my message tomorrow at the EU Summit. I hope everyone throws their hearts out over the obstacle.”

Schultz: “We need a Marshall Plan to rebuild Ukraine”

“Ukraine Needs a Marshall Plan for Reconstruction”. This is what Olaf Schultz said in his speech to the Bundestag. The German chancellor recalled his visit to Ukraine last week, in which he saw the devastation he reminded of German cities after World War II, “and like Europe torn apart then, Ukraine today needs a Marshall Plan for reconstruction.” Shultz stressed that rebuilding Ukraine will be a task for “generations” and will require a lot of efforts from international organizations and donor countries.

Schulz: We will defend every square meter of NATO

“What I already said on February 27 is certain: we will defend every square meter of NATO.” Chancellor Olaf Schulz told the Bundestag. “Our Eastern European partners can trust Germany today,” he added.

The Ukrainian army began exercises near the Ukrainian border

The Belarusian army began “mobilization exercises” near the border of Ukraine. This was reported by the Telegram channel of the Ukrainian news agency Niveksti. The maneuvers will reportedly take place from today until July 1 in the Gomel region, adjacent to the Kyiv, Chernihiv and Zhytomyr regions. The exercises are planned and planned, but – the news channel indicates – were conducted last year in the Mogilev region, near the Russian border.

EU Commission: “Guaranteed transit of essential goods to Kaliningrad”

“We have always said that Kaliningrad’s supply of basic commodities is unobstructed.” What has happened is that “a series of EU sanctions against specific Russian exports (steel products, building materials) are now in effect (after short transition periods). This means that Lithuania must apply additional controls on roads and railways transiting through EU territory. “. This was explained by a spokesman for the European Union Commission, Eric Mammer, in connection with the Kaliningrad case. “Of course, these controls are targeted, proportionate and effective,” he adds.

Dozens of civilians leave the Azot plant in Severodonetsk

Dozens of civilians “voluntarily” left the Azot petrochemical plant in Severodonetsk, since the industrial perimeter of Donbass and Russian troops were liberated, said Moscow’s envoy to the People’s Republic of China from Luhansk, Rodion Miroshnik.

Xi Jinping: “Arbitrary Sanctions Lead to Global Disasters”

Chinese President Xi Jinping once again criticized the unilateral sanctions, defined as “arbitrary”, and their impact on developing countries, warning “major developed countries” of the need to adopt “responsible” economic policies. Speaking at the BRICS Business Forum, an acronym that brings together Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, Xi said, in a state media report, that “the facts have repeatedly shown that sanctions are a ‘reversion’ and a ‘double-cutting sword’.” Those who “politicize” They exploit and weaponize the global economy and exploit the hegemony of the international financial and monetary system to impose arbitrary sanctions that ultimately harm others and the world at large.”

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