Nova Milanese: robbery and vandalism in the gym of Via Fiume

Two break-ins in the space of a few hours in the school gymnasium on Via Fiume in Nova MilanThe summer camp is being prepared for the start of the summer camp and it will leave in a few days. The double robbery that took place inside the school gymnasium caused concern and some bewilderment. First on the weekend and then the second time at night between Monday and TuesdayThe. And if it was the first time that unknown vandals seized it music boxIn the Night Between June 20th and 21st, they devoted themselves to purely Fadaly activities. Systematic work was able to turn the gymnasium into a ubiquitous pile of tools, mattresses, and other equipment.

Theft and vandalism of the Fiume Road gymnasium: the mayor’s wrath

I don’t want to go into the details of the investigation – Explains the mayor is horrified and even annoyed Fabrizio Pagani But this time we definitely found it“.

In the first phase of Covid, unknown people took advantage of the first days of the complete closure of schools, hacking Mazzini and after destroying the drinks machine they wrote expletives on the walls. “In those days there weren’t all the tools we have now – explains the mayor – But the truly unfathomable act is to return, only for the purpose of ruin. They show pure anger and malice toward those who work in the city“.

Theft and vandalism of the gym in Via Fiume: Elga at work to restore the structure and start summer camp

In these hours he made himself heard Elga Staff The group preparing for summer service: «Unfortunately, the gym in Via Fiume where we are organizing our summer camp has been vandalized. Sunday night vandals entered the gym and stole some items, including a box, but it’s not my pleasure they came back Monday night and they Make the gym unusable. they were Unloading fire extinguishers on all equipment owned by the company and breaking them as well as spreading ice stocks on all slides.. We are trying to restore the usability of the structure as quickly as possible.”

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