Omicron 5, whose symptoms are showing the variant that will soon dominate in Italy

He explained that “the two new options endanger the summer.” Fabrizio Brigliascovirologist at Milan State University and medical director of the Galleazzi Hospital in Milan, A cusano tv italy. It is clearly referring to Variants of Omicron BA.4 and BA.5also called simply Omicron 4 and Omicron 5. For this reason, it is recommended for weak and immunocompromised people, and those who take care of them, to keep a Use the mask Which is no longer expected except on transportation (except for air), in RSA and health facilities, as well as in private workplaces. In fact, even for others Some recommendations are always valid. But which one symptoms Can you give the latest circulatory variant, which is responsible for the resumption of infections in various countries, from first South Africa to Portugal, and now also in Italy?

According to several experts, including Pregliasco himself, the symptoms of this variant appear to be highly contagious milder, where the strain tends to breed in the upper airways. So it is very similar to the one who suffers from a cold Runny nose and fever for a few days. last May Sainte-Public, France He published a report comparing symptoms observed in the first cases of Omicron, the BA.1 variant that spread in early 2021 and 2022, in France with new BA.4 and BA.5 cases currently circulating. It turns out that They will look almost the samebut more problems have been reported than Fatigue, cough and fever And the Sore throat. So actually, contrary to what is claimed, it’s not exactly a very light variant. The average duration of symptoms will be about four days. All this of course in vaccinate people Thus protected from severe forms of the disease: for those without protection, any development becomes more likely.

So Italy is going through a phase A new phase of the epidemicAs stated in the latest monitoring numbers of the control room at the Higher Institute of Health (case) and the Ministry of Health, which witnessed an increase (310 cases per 100,000 residents) and Rt in the 0.73-1.18 fork that exceeds the epidemic threshold. According to figures released on June 20, more than half of the new positives were recorded in one week, or 51.8%: between Monday the 13th and Sunday 19,19,234 diagnoses compared to 144,333 from the previous seven days. It will be necessary to understand how long the growth will continue, if such growth is negligible as in the Portuguese case or whether it will continue. Admission is also on the rise: 296 more in one week overall, with a reversal after seven weeks of decline. In intensive care, where the trend has been low for up to 10 weeks, from 183 to 199 people have been hospitalized.

Even the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health Berpaolo Celeri It was explained two days ago Radio 1 that “in the vast majority of cases the symptoms are mild,” an apparent reference to Omicron 5. Then adding that in the difficult hypothesis Covid-19 could become Omicron 5”Worst effect everOmicron 5, which was estimated with subvariate 4, will become about 23% of cases days ago dominant. “Infections will increase, there will be more hospitalizations, but the situation is under control” in Italy “as in other countries too – said Celeri – In October and November, however, those who have not been vaccinated are at risk and at risk even today with this alternative. Perhaps the virus spreads every year, and vaccination provides protection from the dangerous form of the disease. However, this sub-variety has a high potential for lethality for those who have not been vaccinated.”

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