Premier League trying De Ligt. In the meantime, Juventus resume letters of renewal

future of Matisse de Ligt Everything is still to write. On the one hand, the Dutchman remains one of the most hungry defenders in Europe, and on the other hand, Juventus will try their best to associate him more with the black and white shirt.

The prime minister is moving, but soon new contacts to renew
The Premier League, as mentioned, is keeping a close eye on him. Especially Chelsea, who will have to re-establish the defense after farewell to Rudiger and Christensen, as well as Liverpool, who are dreaming of an orange match with Van Dijk. Juventus is calm at the moment, thanks to the hard-to-reach clause of 125 million euros, but at the same time they intend to take up the issue of renewing the contract that expires in 2024. The appropriate time to talk about it again would be a meeting with ‘lawyer Rafaela Pimenta to discuss the details of Paul Pogba.’ In this context, the topic of De Ligt will also arise, with a specific idea for the Bianconeri: the extension to 2026 with the fixed part of the salary confirmed at 8 million with bonuses slightly reduced. But it seems that the real knot around the story is the item that will rise to 140 million next year. De Ligt and his entourage want to bring the number down to around 80 million, a number that is probably too low for Juve’s ideas.

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