Prices with state incentives

A plug-in hybrid (PHEV) engine can be a good choice for car owners who use the vehicle for home work and suburban trips. The Phev unit combines one or two electric motors powered by a battery with a heat engine, ensuring the car an autonomy of 40-60 km in 100% electric mode. Unrae’s registration data for the first five months of 2022 shows that plug-in hybrid sales were 5.4% of the total. In this category there are many electrical models that benefit from the state’s contribution. Since the plug-ins are within the 21-60 g/km CO2 emissions range, the incentive is 2,000 euros for new vehicles under 45,000 euros, excluding VAT. If you scrape a car with an amount of up to 5 euros, you will get another discount of 2 thousand euros. Here are the full and discounted features and prices of the ten best-selling Phev models according to Unrae data: Jeep Compass, Jeep Renegade, BMW X1, Volvo Xc40, Lynk & Co 01, Ford Kuga, Renault Captur, Cupra Formentor and Mini Countryman.

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