That is why the salary is increased

good news For Italian workers: upcoming salariesFrom here until the end of the year, they will be more substantial. Between bonuses and additional allowances, in fact, the following allowances Payroll They get rich, especially for those who do not have a high income.

There is no single reason why salary scales are high: in fact, there are a number of factors to consider, such as Cut the tax wedge for four months (which should be official as of today) and €200 bonus, even extra months like fourteenth and the Thirteenth.

This is good news given that with increasing inflation wages lose purchasing power and that there is no wage revaluation mechanism, as is the case for pensions (which are expected to have a maximum increase in 2023 for this period only).

Speaking of which, here is a fileAnalysis of upcoming paychecks coming from July to me December 2022: This is the expected time for increases and for what reason.

July payment slip (referring to June)

In the July paycheck, where additional permits for the application of the rules in previous holidays are recognized, there can be a limitation on the 14th month’s salary in those sectors that provide it.

There are some national collective labor agreements, such as those of the trade sector, which determine the wages of the fourteenth between them June And the July, with the additional amount to be charged accordingly in the paycheck for the month of July. The fourteenth which usually has an amount equal to the last salary received but is reduced if no work has been done in the last 12 months.

Furthermore, with the July paycheck, the first paycheck should begin to arrive Refunds For those registered with the last tax return. This will only be the case for those who have submitted their tax returns by May 31, 2022.

Attention: As explained by INPS, You should not expect to pay a €200 bonussubmitted by Decree 50 of 17 May 2022, in salary for the month of July. Since this compensation refers to the salary received in July, it will only be charged to the August paycheck.

August payment slip (referring to July)

On the salary of August, the fourteenth will be paid to those who, although having the right, did not receive it in July.

Moreover, it is this salary that – as we saw above – is paid 200 euros one-time from the bonus provided by the Aid Ordinance. We remind you that in order for the employer to make the payment, it is necessary, by the last days of July, for the employee to submit a specific self-certificate declaring that he fulfilled the requirements established by law.

In August, those who will receive an Irpef award, i.e. refund of the amount resulting from the credit from the Form 730/2022 tax return, must be increased.

September salary (refers to August)

Irpef payments continue to be made on this pay slip to those who have filed their tax returns with little delay. No further increases are expected, postponed – likely – to the following month.

Pay slip for the month of October (indicating September)

From September, thus with October salary, the cut the tax wedgea temporary measure the government is preparing to approve (maybe already today).

The aim is to counteract the loss of purchasing power of wages due to high inflation Reducing the difference between gross and net salary. A temporary measure, however, that will only be implemented in the last four months of the year, is the postponement of speeches regarding the installation of the Budget Act 2023.

This procedure should relate to me Income less than 35 thousand eurosfor which we are heading towards a 4 pieces Taxes and contributions payable on bonuses. This should lead to an increase of 50 to 75 euros per month, depending on personal income.

November salary (refers to October)

The reward that will be recognized by cutting the tax peg must be loaded Four payment statements. So, it will be a month September (Salary will be added in October) until Dec (With January stipend).

Therefore, one is entitled to also have it on November salarythe last month in which, among other things, personal income tax resulting from a Form 730/2022 tax return can be paid.

December salary (refers to November)

Also in December, as in the first paycheck of 2023, there should be a payment of the recognized bonus with the tax wedge cut.

All this is completed by paying the extra month: the birthday bonus, or better known as Thirteenthat the end of the month.

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