The return of the torch between Beilin and Stefano?

Waiting to know if he’ll accept to be a part of the cast in 7th edition Gf VIP broadcast from september, Antonino Spinalbes He gave himself a lengthy interview on the pages of the weekly “Chi” newspaper. Speechless, with an ambiguous figure, the entrepreneur admitted his greatest fear:

My only fear is that I don’t see my daughter growing up every day, because her mother and I are separated. Curiosity to see each of his changes is invaluable.

during the interview, Antonino Spinalbes Tell what exactly happened with Belen Rodriguez:

Feelings drifted over me, as always, also because I think it’s impossible to hold back the heart. And I do not regret going this route, because it has always rewarded me. I know that every choice I make will lead me to something beautiful.

A young girl was born out of their passion, but the former hairstylist never thought she was running so fast:

It was never wrong, I just wanted to live what I love, and let myself go. And then, when the two of us were alone, nothing was lacking. The people next to me were worried about the change I had made in my life, and they were afraid that I would be too exposed: this world could get you in trouble.

The love story with the Argentine showgirl ended shortly after her birth Luna Maro. In the past Antonino He had claimed that he “knew more belin Who is pregnant and not pregnant.” Did they not know each other?

This was not the priority. I thought she was carrying my daughter I was a doctor, a bodyguard, and a friend. My concern was that she would complete her pregnancy, as in nature. And in fact, in nature, the male protects the lamb, and when the puppy is born, it disappears. I can feel who I am in front of, I was ready to finish it and tried to defy the law of nature and attraction, especially for my daughter. Then I realized that I could be a good father even on my own.

What happened after the baby was born?

There was a change in what each person wanted from life, in those differences that love had previously covered. Life goals changed and we made a decision to follow our passions.

I chose to face life as a father, based on my being on the family, while she said you could have a family and a life of your own. I was enjoying one of the most beautiful moments, the birth of a child, an emotion that I actually felt and felt for the first time, and only saw. We were not allied.

In any relation to strength Antonino Spinalbes And the belin?

I always put Luna Maro In the first place, even if he didn’t get along with it, I tried to be mature and contribute emotions and nervousness.

Have you ever been warned by a ghost of Stefano Di Martino?

Absolutely not, I’m not saying this for the sin of self-respect, but because I erase the past and rely on what is there, on the foundations of the relationship. And I hope it lasts between them, at this point, forever. It will be useful for children, if there are no other changes, it is better. We can no longer be wrong.

Antonino Through the pages of the weekly, he wanted to confirm that he had never cheated belin. The relationship did not end due to the presence of “uncomfortable third parties”.

Finally, we talked about TV and Gf VIPThe same Spinalbees He confirmed that he was contacted by production. We’ll see it inat home Cinecitta?

I don’t feel the need to introduce myself. There are few people in my life, and if they love me, those who care about me are like me. If there is something that can fascinate me in a project, I attack it and throw myself into it, but I have to find it. For now, I’m afraid of some superficiality that doesn’t tempt me to be off-balance. But I hope there will be more.

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