They can hide hidden pathology

Yellow nails can be a wake-up call to a very serious illness – here’s when to pay attention and why.

SOS yellow nails (pexels source)

Health is a condition recognizable in every component of our body, which immediately alerts us when it occurs Ordinary jobs are at risk. Well-being also passes through the hands, and more specifically, through the nails.

If the nail surface appears Yellowish, damaged, or stainedIt could be a symptom of anyone clinical case More alarming. Let’s find out what’s behind the yellow nails, and the potential risks we face if we don’t investigate the matter thoroughly.

Yellowing of the nails, beware of diabetes and liver failure

yellow nails
yellow nails (pexels source)

The most common reasons behind yellowing and damaged nails are definitely bad habits, such as smoking. sure too Cosmetics and solvents of questionable quality They can be responsible for their coloring: many products on the market do not respect the composition of the nail bed, anddiscoloration It is the natural result. Even nail polish containing colored pigments can change the natural color of the nails: so we must pay more attention to our manicure, or rely on the services ofProfessional nail technician and qualified.

However, in other cases, yellow nails are a clear symptom of a disease in progress, not yet diagnosed. When in doubt, it is actually recommended to consult a specialist: you may actually suffer from diabetic or serious Cirrhosis. In fact, yellowing can be a sign Liver and gallbladder problemsAt the very least, immediate medical treatment is necessary. The lymphatic system can also be involved, and in extreme cases, nails in poor condition can be a sign of diseases such as HIV and AIDS. Even the condition of the hair, along with the above symptoms, can indicate imbalances in the body: it is good to undergo a regular examination. self-examination.

We can finally face xantonichia. This pathology is very rare and is manifested by chronic yellowing of the nail. If the nail is not present shades of greenIt will not be a chronic disease.

The most common causes of yellow nails remain bad habits, and in a very trivial way, fungal infections Known as onychomycosis. However, if in doubt, it is always a good idea to seek medical attention. In this way we will definitely avoid the risks incurred debilitating diseases And potentially dangerous.

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