Ukraine: A refinery in Russia was hit by two drones. Finland: “Ready to fight” – the world

If attacked, Finland is ready to fight. This was confirmed by the Chief of Staff of the Helsinki Army, Timo Kevinen, commenting on the dangers of military threats from Russia. “We have systematically developed our military defense for exactly the kind of war being fought ‘in Ukraine’, with extensive use of firepower weapons, armored forces and even air forces,” the Finnish general explained, citing the Guardian. – He added – and so did Finland.” Meanwhile, two drones caught fire at the Novoshakhtinsk plant in the Rostov region, a few kilometers from the Ukrainian border: this was reported by the press service of the refinery, citing RIA Novosti. There were some damages “caused by the wreckage Drones”, and “put out the fires”

Russia, an oil refinery hit by drones

Possible response to its limitations Lithuania To transit goods in the area Kaliningrad will be more practical than diplomatic: Options are explored at the agency level. Cutting off electricity supplies to Lithuania, which still depends for its needs on a network that connects it with Russia, is one of the options that Moscow has considered in response to the embargo on the passage of some products to the Russian exclave in Kaliningrad decided by Vilnius in the application of European Union sanctions. This was stated by the Chairman of the International Affairs Committee of the State Duma, Leonid Slutsky. there Germany He “strongly” rejects Moscow’s retaliatory threats against Lithuania and calls for the withdrawal of measures while the chancellor Olaf Schulz He assured the Bundestag: “We will defend every square meter of Boy. And our Eastern European partners can trust Germany today,” he said, explaining that “Ukraine needs a Marshall Plan for reconstruction.”

Meanwhile, the Chinese president Xi Jinping He warned against “expanding” military relations on the eve of this virtual summitBrix With the leaders of Russia, India, Brazil and South Africa. “The Ukraine crisis is a wake-up call,” Xi said, in a speech at the BRICS Business Forum, raising the risks of “expansion of military alliances” and “the search for one’s safety at the expense of other villages.” China, India and South Africa abstained on a UN resolution condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, while Beijing and New Delhi have strong military and energy ties with Moscow.

from the field
The Russian army achieved success in eastern Ukraine. This was announced by the Kyiv General Staff, according to local media, explaining that the invading forces had occupied the villages of Biddlesen and Myrna Dolina in the southwest of the city of Severodonetsk and had “partial successes” near the settlement of Hersk in Luhansk. Oblast. Earlier today, Kyiv announced the surrender of the village of Toshkivka, located on the eastern front line. A civilian was killed yesterday, as a result of being hit by a cluster bomb, during a Russian attack on the southern Ukrainian city of Mykolaiv: the Regional Military Administration announced, according to reports from the Ukrinform Agency. The victim was accompanied by another man who was injured in the explosion. The two were in the garden of a house. Yesterday, Russian forces bombed the Cherokee village of Pashtanka District and the village of Inholka with artillery fire, injuring two civilians. Another civilian was wounded in an attack on Ochakiv and a fifth was wounded in an attack on Pervomaisky and Novomykolaivka. A sixth civilian was wounded in Shirvouni. More than 1,300 Ukrainian soldiers and mercenaries are trapped in these hours south of Lysekhansk, in eastern Ukraine: reports the Ministry of the Interior of the self-declared Lugask Republic, TASS reports.

Ukraine, devastation in Lysychansk after the bombing

Biden: Suspension of the tax on petroleum for 3 months
US President Joe Biden has called on Congress to suspend the federal gasoline tax for three months to help Americans adjust to rising prices. This was stated by the White House in a note. “The price of gas has skyrocketed worldwide and is about $2 a gallon (3.7 liters) in America since Putin began massing troops on the Ukrainian border,” the statement read. He also announced that Biden had also asked state governors to suspend local gasoline taxes.

Russia may supply the world market with about 25 million tons of wheat and at least 22 million tons of fertilizer by the end of the year, the Russian Foreign Ministry said. Meanwhile one Turkish merchant ship leaves Mariupol port Following wheat talks with He flies. This was announced by the Ankara authorities.

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