Ukrainian war, one in every Italian is happy to be in the EU

With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Almost two out of three Europeans (65%) today view their country’s membership in the European Union positively. This is shown by the Eurobarometer survey, which was conducted from April 19 to May 16 on 26,578 participants in 27 countries of the European Union. This is, as the European Parliament confirms, the highest result since 2007, a year before the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, when the rate reached 58%. Membership is seen as a ‘good thing’ by the relative majority of citizens in all countries, except Greece and Slovakia, where more participants view it as ‘neither good nor bad’.

Compared to the last Parlameter survey at the end of last year, results have increased significantly in most countries, in particular Lithuania, Malta and Estonia. As for Italy, 49% answered that they had a positive image of belonging to the union An increase of 5 points compared to 2021 compared to 10% who answered in the negative. 52% of Europeans today have a positive perception of the EU in general, an increase of three points compared to November-December 2021. This is the best result measured by European Parliament surveys since 2007.

As for the national scores for the positive image of the European Union, they range from 76% in Ireland to 32% in Greece. Italy ranks just below average, with 48% of citizens having a positive perception of the European Union. For Parliament Speaker Roberta Mezzola “With war returning to our continent, Europeans feel reassured to be part of the European Union. Citizens are so attached to freedom, they are ready to stand up for their values ​​and achieve more than democracy can no longer be taken for granted.”

By contrast, Russia is viewed favorably by only 10% of respondents, down from 30% in 2018, when this question was last asked. China returns to the penultimate rank with 22%. In contrast, Europeans have a more positive image of the UK (65%), followed by the US at 58%.

Most citizens view the war in Ukraine as a fundamental change: 61% of Europeans are not sure that their lives will go on as before, an opinion shared by 50% of Italians. About a third of EU respondents (37%) think it will remain, while confidence in Italy rises to 49%. With inflation and the cost of living on the rise since before the start of the Russian war in Ukraine, four out of ten Europeans say they are already affecting their standard of living (40%). In Italy the percentage drops to 33%.

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