Wants 4,100 graduates, RSA under pressure

Venice – the demand for sanitary ware is rising, not only in general in Italy, but also in the North-East specifically. Two and a half years after contracting the Covid virus, there is no sign of a decrease in the need for professionals: doctors, especially in these latitudes, nurses. For the latter type of graduate, in fact, the training need assessed by the Veneto is the highest at the national level.

Data is shown from the convention chart for the needs of single-cycle master’s degree graduates in medicine, veterinary medicine, and dentistry, as well as graduates and master’s degree graduates from the health professions for the 2022/2023 academic year. The text has been sent by the Ministry of Health to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and to the Conference of Regions and States, so that it can be included in the first useful session in preparation for approval. Overall, the districts requested 70,313 university places, an increase of 10,636 places from 59,677 in 2021/2022, divided into six different areas: 31,640 (compared to 27,824 previously) for nursing, 9,336 (instead of 6,678) for rehabilitation, 6 ,098 (instead of 4,753) for technical diagnosis and technical assistance, 2,135 (no longer 1,976) for prevention, 19,307 (versus 17,061) for medicine, veterinary medicine, and dentistry, 1,749 for pharmacists, biology, chemical, physical, and psychologist.

Compared to the Italian total, the Northeast is worth more than 10% in terms of applications made by regions and translated into a proposal by the ministry. After adding the various items, Veneto orders 6,472 professionals and Friuli Venezia Giulia 1,249. Even in these areas, the upward trend compared to last year was confirmed: with regard to surgeons, for example, 900 (instead of 700) shotguns were ordered, as well as the need for physiotherapists reported by Trieste from 60 to 62 Overview The needs stand out among others in the Veneto, in addition to 900 white coats, as well as 70 veterinarians, 60 dentists, 90 midwives, 10 podiatrists, 170 physiotherapists, 65 speech therapists, 17 orthopedists, and 25 neuropsychiatric therapists. Developmental age, 30 psychiatric rehabilitation technicians, 30 occupational therapists, 100 professional teachers, 20 audiologists, 70 biomedical laboratory technicians, 100 radiology technicians, 12 physiological technicians, 15 orthopedic technicians, 80 hearing care professionals, 15 technicians In cardiovascular medicine, 50 dental hygienists, 30 dietitians, 48 ​​workplace prevention technicians, 72 health assistants, 50 pharmacists, 25 biologists, 10 chemists, 10 physicists and 10 psychologists.

But what stands out above all is the surge in demand for nurses, whose shortage in Veneto has been particularly pronounced during the pandemic, as evidenced above all in retirement homes, where the chronic shortage of graduates in this sector has been added. Escape to hospital facilities. Beginning next fall, the district is requiring 4,100 of them to be able to enroll in basic training (plus another 60 for master’s), equaling one-sixth of 24,352 schemes nationally. Let’s say: Lombardy, which has twice the population, expects only 3,500. It is clear, however, that entry to the ward will not be immediate, as the study period is three years. After all, the possibility of ministerial planning is also long-term, as the same plan of the agreement sets out: “Forecast of supply and demand, taking into account the duration of study paths and the time required for the training system to adapt to the expressed training needs, covers a time horizon of at least twenty or twenty-five years. according to the length of the undergraduate course.

In an effort to stop the bleeding in nursing homes, the Zaia Military Council approved three weeks ago the complementary health care training course for health social workers, which aims to provide 510 so-called super services, capable of performing certain tasks until now the responsibility of nurses. The previous decision on the matter, which has been withdrawn and reformulated, has already been challenged by the Migep union and Shc Oss trade union.

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