“We are looking for girls between the ages of 20 and 25 with an eating disorder”: Shock of the show for a celebrity show

For a popular TV show, we are looking for girls between 20-25 years old Those with eating disorders. If you have these characteristics, write to me, “This is the message posted on social networks by Giada MassarahOn his profile, he stated that he is a selection manager.forumEmail made calls to koremaa transmission production company he founded Marina Donatowidow Corrado Mantoni.

The ad was posted and then disappeared within two hours, saved and re-launched on social networks. It’s time to stir up debate and open debate, disease as an approach or work experience. This is not a selection curated by Mediaset (The broadcast is not directly adapted) but by the outside production company, those who produce the legal show it hosts Barbara Palumbelli.

Strong criticism and indignation, the girl promoting the initiative was in the past also a servant of the “Forum” in 2013. To sound the alarm Marusca AlbertaziActivist purple bowthe symbolic league to fight against me eating disorders: “We are looking for girls between the ages of 20 and 25 with eating disorders. transition forum Where, it is known that those who participate in the video as a competitor are mostly actors but more often someone with similar experience to that of the story in question. Good, We are here looking for girls with DCA (eating disorders, so) who play girls with DCA.”

“Without thinking – continues Albertazi – choosing patients with eating disorders is a terrible catalyst for disease. Playing a non-actress role means you don’t have the defensive tools you learn in academies and acting schools. And being able to appear on TV thanks to your illness provides an indifferent reinforcement of the disease itself. Without medical support. This is nice and well inciting an eating disorder.” “Mediaset knows nothing about it and they are appalled,” Albertazi said on social media.

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