Aruba and Fastweb (with Amazon) beat Tim and Leonardo –

For the final result, wait another 15 days. In the meantime, for the tender for the National Strategic Pole, which provides for the creation of the cloud for public administration, it is assigned to the formed assembly From Aruba and Fastweb (with US giant Amazon and Microsoft Azure cloud technologies). This was announced by Difesa Servizi and the Ministry of Technological Innovation, who noted the change of scenario compared to the first stage of the call, when the corporate pool of Tim, Sogei, Leonardo and Cdp Equity was checking it out. A complete national consortium with Public entities, which saw themselves beaten by the economic supply And that he would now have 15 days to repeat Aruba and Fastweb’s proposal.

15 days to repeat the offer

The tender mechanism set up by Difesa Servizi (a subsidiary of the Ministry of Defense) and the Ministry led by Vittorio Colao, moreover, gives the group headed by Tim as an agent the right to Equalization of the terms offered by the current contractor. The distance of the two proposals is 700 million euros. The Fastweb-Aruba tandem is a candidate for the creation of the national cloud, in which 75% of Italian administrations will have to emigrate by 2026, in an amount equal to 2.67 billion euros (against the auction base 4.4 billion), while the consortium consists of Tim, Sogei, Leonardo and Cdp Equity 3.37 billion requested for the same type of commitment. A large economic gap puts Aruba and Fastweb at an advantage, but, on the other hand, surprises technologists and ministry managers for technological innovation to a certain extent.

A two-stage journey

The scenario he draws is the scenario that Minister Colau himself had hoped for during the preparation stage for the declaration, which is a A two-step process to select the most suitable resource for a strategic game such as the cloud. Characterized by the first stageDevelop the best technical solutions, to be used as a starting point for processing the second part of the bid with the economic offer. All with the aim of obtaining, through intense competition, the The best conditions both technologically, both in terms of savings to the public treasury. In the statement released yesterday evening, both targets appear to be satisfied for the time being. The project on which the tender was based, with a starting price of 4.4 billion euros, was approved by the Department for Digital Transformation in December 2021. Among the proposals received, the award – the note explains – went to the offer made by a group made up of Aruba and Fastweb, which submitted , for the economy segment, a 39.19% discount on bid-based price lists. The group made up of Sogei, Leonardo, Cdp Equity and Tim offered a 23.36% discount.


So, in the next few days, the consortium of public companies and Tim will recalculate to try to adjust the discount offered so far by another 16%, equal to Aruba and Fastweb’s proposal. The will to exercise the right of pre-emption In line with the value of 2.67 billion possible And, potentially, even if no one is officially unbalanced in the midst of the day. It is worth noting that the National Strategic Pole Award is one of the tasks envisaged by the National Force Program.

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