Aurora Ramazzotti: Illness in Navigli is concerning. But her friend takes pictures of her!

Aurora RamazzottiThe well-known daughter of showgirl Michael Hunziker and singer Eros Ramazzotti, she was at the center of a little drama. While having an aperitif with her friend Sarah Danielle, it looks like she got sick. Two o’clock in a club in Navigli, Milan, I was talking over a drink, and suddenly Aurora fainted.

Possible Low blood pressure due to extreme heat, appears to be the cause of Aurora Ramazzotti’s illness, who was immediately rescued by attendees and club staff. Lying on the ground, her legs were raised, and as soon as she regained some color, she was given water with sugar.

After long minutes of fear, Aurora seems to have finally recovered, reassuring everyone. But in all of this Sarah Danielle’s friend, what have you done?? Indeed, immediately worried about her friend’s health, she helped her with those present, but then the situation took a more frivolous and lighthearted turn.

Aurora Ramazzotti and photo while ill in Navigli, Milan

Instagram photos and stories of Aurora Ramazzotti’s disease

Once partially recovered, It was Aurora herself who took some pictures lying on the floor To document his fainting on Instagram. “We went to Navigli. I had low blood pressure for the first time and almost passed out. Many thanks to the guys from Mag for helping me out. Put my feet up, water with sugar and I’m healed.”

Aurora captioned her pics like this, but it looks like her friend took some live shots and then Aurora herself posted them on her profile. Eros and Michelle’s daughter commented on this by saying that Sarah Daniele thought it appropriate to take a selfie with her “…but not in the awful circumstances, that’s it.”

Then Aurora Ramazzotti published several stories, including them Reassure fans of his health. She has fully recovered and the unpleasant braces seem to be just a memory. Meanwhile, this illness of hers started circulating various rumors. That Aurora Ramazzotti is pregnant?

Many are wondering about it in these hours. Actually the girl officially engaged For several years with Goffredo Serzawhom she met in London in 2017. It is clear that no rumors have been confirmed and therefore it appears that Aurora’s disease is a small drop in blood pressure.

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