Chronic hunger | Symptoms of a serious illness: Check your feet

Many people consider having a lot of appetite as a sign of excellent health. However, chronic hunger can hide much more than that: that’s what it is

Chronic hunger (Pexels)

How many times have we been told that If you are hungry, that means you are fine? A lot of them. This is true when you think about common illnesses, like the flu: when you start eating with desire, it’s a sign that you’re recovering. not alwaysHowever, extreme hunger indicates a healthy body: think of those who suffer from eating disorders, such as binge eating.

Chronic hunger, in particular, can be disease alarm bell Quite dangerous which, if not detected in time, can have serious consequences. This is what it is, How to recognize the signs And work.

If you have unexplained chronic hunger, get these tests done right away

diabetes test
Diabetes test (Pexels)

It can be chronic hunger, in medicine it is called polyphagia Early sign of type 1 diabetes, especially when accompanied by significant and incomprehensible weight loss. However, there are other important and warning symptoms of increased volume and frequency of urine and increased thirstwith fatigue and blurred vision.

Diabetes is a chronic disease characterized by Excessive amount of sugar in the blood. The reason lies in a defect in the production or function of the pancreas, which does not spread enough insulinThe hormone responsible for regulating glucose levels. There are two types of diabetes: type 1 and type 2.

the first, Also called “youth”It tends to develop in childhood and adolescence. It is an autoimmune disease determined by the immune system Strange pancreatic cellsEspecially those that produce insulin: they are thus ready to attack and destroy it. main reasons genetic and environmental: Some viral infections, according to scientific research, can trigger the disease in people who are already genetically susceptible.

The Type 2 diabetesInstead, the pancreas is characterized as not being able to produce enough insulin or an organism that cannot use it efficiently. he is typical of aging Among the symptoms are slow wound healing. 5.5% of the population in Italy is infected with this disease, among its causes also Sedentary lifestyle, unbalanced diet and obesity.

If you notice some particular symptoms that you are not used to, check your blood values ​​immediately and, in particular, Lower extremity health. The foot is actually the party most affected by the consequences of this disease: we are talking about “diabetic foot” and if it is not treated, it can even worsen. need amputation.

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