Di Maria and Paredes, Juventus double the risks. And Paris Saint-Germain always loves Ken

Turin – angel Maria At Juventus, it’s all about patience. The wait continues, and the Argentine continues his vacation in the Balearic Islands. But if the Argentine is not enough, it is easy to double it. Because they usually go in pairs (Leo Paredes), when it is not of the third degree (there is also Lou Celso With them, he is the one who eliminated with Villarreal the Bianconeri from the Champions League…). Thus, Di Maria Pech Paredes, because the two are inseparable, linked by the Albiceleste team and for years to Paris Saint-Germain. Di Maria and Paredes, because class is also a union. So, in short, Juventus offered a year with an option in Fideo, to meet their needs for a final season (leading to the World Cup in Qatar) in Europe and then a fantastic return home, at Rosario Central in Carlitos. Tevez. There is no discount with the edict of growth and on the table take or leave. Confidence has not changed, but the player has to express himself so far.

moving ken On the other hand, Paredes ball to enrich the midfield will enjoy the return of the prodigal son Paul. Pogba. Leandro could get the go-ahead from PSG who remains interested in Moise ken. On the other hand, the striker lived in the French capital the best moments of his career, apart from his promising beginnings at Juventus. It can be a joint, even if you have to take the numbers into account and make ends meet. One thing is for sure: Di Maria and Paredes have an excellent understanding both on and off the field.

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