Dybala Inter is on standby, Milan think about it: first phone call

The Nerazzurri stay ahead, but the Rossoneri are starting to think impudence: Cardinale wants to give the fans a gift

Dybala vs Inter It seemed over, but the Nerazzurri’s return to lukaku Everything has changed and now Milan Rudely dreams the erotic market of his cousins. And after the brakes in negotiations with the Nerazzurri, in reality, according to what was reported Corriere della SeraYesterday, some group managers from London Elliot They were going to have phone conversations with the Argentine player’s entourage to understand the status of negotiations with Inter and Goya’s financial requests.

At the moment it is only a survey, no negotiations, but the idea is becoming more realistic at Casa Milan. The Gioia, as Claudio Raimondi mentioned, would be Jerry Cardinale’s great gift to Rossoneri fans. Technical approval by Paolo Maldini and Frederic Massara On the other hand, this is not in question, but given the Rossoneri’s salary policy, a deal will only become possible if Dybala and Attorney General Anton are willing to lower the economic demands.

Inter are still in the lead, Dybala will wait for the Nerazzurri because he has an agreement with Marotta, but not indefinitely and at the moment it does not seem easy to break the ice of the negotiations that have been in place for days. A new meeting between the CEO of Inter and the broker is expected in the next few days Fabrizio de Vicchi (It’s not certain Anton will be there either), but it wouldn’t be a decisive summit. Inter will tell Dybala that we still need to be patient because we need some exits first – the names are the same: Vidal, Sanchez, one from Dzeko or Correa – and anyway to limit Anton’s claims.

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