Eva Henger has been released from hospital but confined to a wheelchair: this is how she is

It seems that slowly Eva Henger Recovering. In recent days, the actress and model has left the Romanian clinic where she was hospitalized a few weeks ago a day later distasteful An accident in Hungary with her husband Massimiliano Caroliti. The 49-year-old has undergone several surgeries and is now facing a long process recovery.

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At the moment, the showgirl can’t walk yet: she’s forced to. to wear Leg support and inward movement Wheel chair. And that’s how she shot a photoshoot in the weekly Novella 2000 with her husband, producer, entrepreneur, and 13-year-old daughter Jennifer.

To Roberto Alessi magazine, Eva Henger told of feeling better despite having to deal with an everyday life that isn’t for her. Ricardo Chicchi’s ex-wife was hospitalized for 47 days and, in addition to physical pain, also experienced moments of depression and anxiety. “Sometimes I have severe pain in the sacrum and pelvis. On the other hand, when we left the clinic and stopped in the shopping center to do the shopping, it was great. On that day I was really fine, even if I was in a wheelchair ».

Eva also admitted crying a lot for the elderly couple who lost their lives in the horrific accident. The showgirl assured that once she fully recovered, she would go to the cemetery to leave flowers for the dead. In addition, Henger intends to go with her husband, Massimiliano, to the Virgin of Tre Fontane, in Rome, because faith helped her a lot in this especially difficult period.

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