Fabio Volo Turns 50: How His Stage Name Was Born, Le Iene Driven, Was a London Dishwasher, 8 Secrets About Him

“In fact, I’ve had a midlife crisis since I was 42. I thought I was already living to old age. When the curfew was imposed on my friends, I said: You are living as I have been doing for years.” So said Fabio Volo a Sette a few months ago about his 50 years (turns it right today). TV face (Che tempo che fa), conductor (Le Iene, Volo live, Italo …, Ca ‘Volo), radio speaker (Il Volo in the morning on Deejay Radio), actor (of TV series and movies, such as “Funky” ”, “just in case”, “illegal study”, “extra day”, “fathers versus influencers”, “for life”), writer: Fabio Luigi Bonetti – that is his real name in the registry office – was born in Calcent in June 23, 1972 and grew up in Brescia. Perhaps not everyone knows that at the beginning of his career he sang in piano bars. He also recorded, in the early 1990s, some European dance singles which he sang in Italian for Brescia Label Media Records. And from one of these songs, “Volo,” comes his artistic name. But this is not the only curiosity about him.

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