From the terrible secret of Prince Charles

Prince Charles appears to be suffering from a terminal illness. For this reason, he cannot be the heir to the throne. Let’s see what we know.

Prince Charles –

The news was reported by a German magazine, among others Das New Plat.

Bad news for Prince Charles

Not only Queen Elizabeth’s condition, even Prince Charles’ health conditions may be causing some concern. For the entire royal family, in fact, devastating news seemed to have arrived about the Queen’s firstborn.

Prince Charles
Prince Charles-Nanopress

Precisely for this reason, Prince Charles could not take the throne. News added to others makes the situation in the palace particularly precarious.

After the Platinum Jubilee, in fact, they will be revived again some controversy About the relationship between Harry and his original family. Short interviews, his early return to California, did not help.

The disease he will suffer from

News of Carlo’s illness had been spread by some internal sources. According to the German tabloid Das New Plat Prince Charles will be affected by Alzheimer’s disease.

A confession from Prince Charles to some trusted people that has since been leaked.

Camilla Parker-Bowles herself, Carlo’s current wife, said she was too afraid of continuity memory lapses Who is her husband.

If this diagnosis is correct, then the prince, after the death of his mother, will not be able to take the throne. In the line of succession, William could happen. But for now, that seems like a far-fetched event.

Prince Charles at the moment 73 years, his subjects were already impatiently imprisoned. Having already contracted Covid, he recovered from it in February 2022.

Das New Plat
German magazine –

Although it is a very common disease, it is a degenerative disease and there is currently no cure. Which is worrying. However, the palace’s official confirmations and even no denials did not arrive.

As long as Queen Elizabeth has been in power, the longest-lived of the English monarchs, Great Britain, politically, There will be nothing to worry about.

During the jubilee celebrations, she still looked very clear and lively. However, some sources in the palace reported that he often traveled in a wheelchair and had to decline many public events, specifically to avoid appearing in public in those circumstances.

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