Gas, Germany enters the warning phase. Minister: “Winter is coming and consumption must now decrease, we need everyone’s efforts against Putin”

there Germany He enters, as it was supposed for a few days, the stage Warning From the emergency plan dated Gas Because of the reduction in births before Gazprom. Gas is now good poorThe Vice Chancellor and Minister of Economy and Climate Protection warned Robert Habeck. “We should we should Reduce its use already in the summerHe continued: “Heat is deceiving, but winter is coming And we have to fill in deposit. there supply limitation gas a Economic attack on us From “Russian President Vladimir”put it in the . We will defend ourselves But our country takes one hard way. The the prices It is already high and we should prepare for further increases. Even if we don’t realize it, we are one crisis of gas.” The decision came on the day it begins in Brussels European Council which will also have to discuss roof At the price that Italy and other southern European countries want (in vain) to contain the increases caused by the war in Ukraine. Moscow, for its part, continues to say that deliveries through the pipeline Nord Stream Only temporarily reduced due to issues Maintenance work Technological: “There is no double game,” said the Kremlin spokesman. Dmitriy Peskov. “It’s strange to drag politics into everything.”

Habeck, after blaming the current situation on the “failure of the past decade” to reduce Accreditation From Russian supplies, he explicitly appealed to “one national effortTo confront and prevent ‘will’ put it in. “All consumers, from industry, public institutions and private households, will have to reduce their gas consumption as much as possible, so that we can get through the winter,” he explained. We are in an economic confrontation with Russia, and gas is used a weapon“All political measures are needed to ensure there is enough gas,” he declared. On the supply side, a coal We will proceed to diversify supplies from abroad. Passing the warning step “will not immediately turn into a price increase for consumers” because the provision under which suppliers can pass price increases directly to customers will not be triggered at the moment.

When asked if he will come to rationing gas vice Olaf Schulz He replied that he hoped he would not but that he could not “completely rule out such a scenario”. alert there secondly Of the three phases of a contingency plan. I, thatearly warning, It had taken place at the end of March, when the Kremlin requested Payment in rubles of gas, indicates a significant deterioration in supplies. The second stage, which is an alarm, anticipates increased demand or supply problems, which in any case remain insured. Third, the state of emergency, means that supplies Not enough to answer the question.

European sources indicated on Wednesday that the operational decision regarding the gas price ceiling, which the Italian government requested months ago, “will come Only between September and OctoberAccording to some member states, with the gas cuts implemented by Moscow, the price ceiling “could getting worse The situation.” Italy’s thesis goes in the opposite direction: a gradual halt to supplies from Moscow eliminates the fear that the Russian might turn off the taps due to the roof. Germany’s position will be decisive for the decision, which is still largely in opposition but more open to confrontation than it was weeks ago Few at last Draft From the conclusions of the European Council reference to the ceiling according toDealing Added to point 23. But this is a step that changes little: it only says that the Council “in exchange for Russia’s use of gas as a weapon and recalling the May 31 conclusions, call the committee to continue its efforts to ensure affordable energy supplies.” The conclusions of the May summit called on the Commission to explore options to cool prices, including setting a temporary price cap.

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