GdS – Dybala, new Inter offer: Bonus linked to attendance and release clause

The Nerazzurri do not give up the Argentine striker, but the terms of the offer change: details

Inter did not forget Paulo Dybala. far from it. Simply put, the focus of Nerazzurri management has shifted to Romelu Lukaku, considering the limitations of the growth decree allowing salary savings to be paid to the Belgian. But the interest in the Argentine striker never waned, and secondly Gazzetta dello sportA new summit is coming between the two parties. On the table is a proposal, the third, with important variables.

Inter’s bid for Dybala, third in chronological order, is still on the board. But with different outlines than those initially circulated. Because it is true that Marotta has offered Goya a 6 million euro share of the salary. But a million of those six at Inter want to link that to the player’s actual presence, a way to protect themselves even from a history that is not very reassuring in terms of injuries. […] Inter’s offer includes a basic 5 million and an additional 1 million if Paulo plays at least 50% of his club’s seasonal matches. To this figure, more bonuses associated with other personal goals and team victories should be added. The letter regarding attendance was firmly rejected by Anton, who made it clear that he was not interested“.

However, the dialogue between the two parties never stopped. So much so that it was also possible to discuss another contractual aspect. Inter and the Dybala clan deduced the possibility of including a termination clause in the contract that could be activated immediately after the first four years of the contract. the number? It’s not established, but it would be a relatively low number, not a terrible quote. One way to protect both the club, which in the event of termination of the contract after a year it is still possible to make significant capital gains, is in the face of a player who has reached zero. It is also a protection for the player“.

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