iOS 16 beta 2: Here’s all the news in one article!

IOS 16 beta 2 has finally arrived for developers, and as usual, through this article we will scroll through to see what’s new and how it improves compared to beta 1.

This article will be constantly updated Because we will add new features during the firmware review and take note of them. You can help us by leaving a comment And to indicate some news that has not yet passed to the eye, and maybe even attach a screenshot.

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What’s new in iOS 16 beta 1

If you missed the previous article which contains a lot of new features in iOS 16 beta 1 then click the box below and read the full article:

What’s new in iOS 16 beta 2

1. Finally, you can back up your iPhone or iPad to iCloud using your 4G or LTE cellular data network. It was previously limited to a few 5G networks other than WiFi. The operators’ internet plans are offering more and more gigs, so now this is also possible in LTE.

2. Among the jobs iCloud + Section available again “hide my email” which allows you to send emails without showing our real email address (to avoid spam or subsequent phishing). This is an iOS 15 feature to be frank but in iOS 16 beta 1 it is gone. Now with Beta 2, it’s available again.

3. System optimization further SMS Filter (including spam) within the Messages app. There are now 12 subcategories to classify the SMS we receive from unknown numbers. Among these we also find deals and promotions for better organization. Additionally, users who use two SIM cards on one iPhone can filter incoming messages based on which SIM is received on it. You can also choose whether you want to display messages for all lines or only those of the main or minor line. Also, in iOS 16 beta 2, it is possible to report SMS and MMS messages from unsorted numbers, but only in the US. This way the operator will receive a signal of an unsafe number, and eventually the latter can choose to block it so that no user receives more messages from these numbers (very useful for reducing scams).

4. New filters have been added to set them on the images we choose for Lockscreen. In beta 1 we only found a ‘photo set’, ‘black and white’ and a ‘colour background’. Now in beta 2, we also find “Dutton” And the “Watercolor ColoredLearn more and see photos here.

5. It’s possible now delete unlock screen Simply by dragging them, just like we do with Apple Watch faces. A red basket will appear to be deleted.

6. in Settings > Background > Now we find two new buttons “adjust or adapt(not yet translated into Italian) which offers us two possibilities: the ability to customize the currently selected wallpaper on the unlock screen and on the home screen or create a completely new wallpaper. Previously, to create a new Lockscreen we had to lock the phone, show the Lockscreen, and re-authenticate With Face ID, and then, only at this point, we can change to create a new unlock screen with another wallpaper by pressing and holding for a long time in the center of the screen. The process was long and tedious. Now we can do it from the settings. The button will open “Add new wallpaper” The screen is also useful for creating a new lock screen. Learn more and see photos here.

7. The “Astronomy” theme has been updated with two new features. related to the first a green dot Which shows our exact location on the map. The second is about opinion.Earth detailsIn beta 1, we showed the Earth at the bottom of the screen, but now there’s a side view that covers more of the screen and also overlaps the clock in iOS 16 classic style. Learn more and see photos here.

8. Apple has made it clear to users that wallpapers can be zoomed in and out before setting them in Lockscreen. Thanks to this gesture, you can create the effect that allows a subject to mount the clock. To report this, Apple now displays the words “pinch to cutLearn more and see photos here.

9. Theme “Astronomy” Now available on more iPhone models, including older models like iPhone XS and iPhone XR. iPhone X is excluded.

10. In the Multimedia player systemNow you can tap anywhere on the screen and hold down by dragging your finger left and right to navigate through the video or track.

11. The bug that required activation of a new one has been removed developer mode To test beta applications via TestFlight.

12. in beta 2 When we edit or delete a post iMessage, the message “Edited” or “Name has been deleted for a message” will now appear. In short, the interlocutors are notified of both the modification and cancellation, as happens in WhatsApp. However, in beta 1, it was very similar to Telegram because both changes and deleted messages were not notified.

13. iOS 16 beta 2 introduces a new menu in the Home app that lets you manage HomePod Firmware Beta from the official authorities.

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