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Francesco Friedla

The story is linked Pera Maggiomother of Dennis Bibbetton-It’s incredible. to me who saw?the famous broadcast of Rai 3, Federica Ciarelli He talks about the news of the alleged death of Pira Maggio. This is fake news, Huge trick The reasons behind this are unknown. However, Sciarelli strongly deplores: “The news of the alleged death of Pira Maggio was picked up by other sites. It is clear that Pira Maggio was aware of the spread of this news and reacted.” Then Beira commented:I’m not dead yet! I don’t wish I had spoiled the party for those who were celebrating the news.”

The new Dennis Pipeton.  Catania, state of shock: the abduction of a child by three masked men, is a dense mystery

Fake news with a terrible thing. Sciarelli promises a fight: “If you find sites spreading fake news Like that, we reported it and we will condemn them.” The Rai 3 presenter has always been on the side of the weakest. who saw? He always dealt with the disappearance of Denis Bipiton, who disappeared from Mazara del Vallo on 1 September 2004 in circumstances that were never explained.

Elena's last picture: What happened before the kidnapping of the child

It lost its traces and there were many traces False scenes over the years. Maggio has never lost the courage and desire to find the truth: the disappearance of her daughter, a cheerful child, remains one of the never-solved news stories in Italy. thriller. A real puzzle.

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