LIVE TJ – Juventus Match

13:09 – Juve meet – Genoa for Cambiasso – According to Sky Sports, a meeting is taking place between Juventus and Genoa to talk about Cambiasso.

12:52 – GIORNALE DI SICILIA – Acceleration for BRUNORI BIS – (Click here)

12:43 – Meet Monza for Meriti – According to Sky Sports, a meeting is taking place in Milan between Juventus and Monza to talk about Fabio Meretti.

12:32 – The end of the Pimenta – Juventus – According to Sky Sports, the match between Juventus and Raffaella Pimenta is over. The two sides talked about Pogba to determine the latest contractual aspects. But French was not the only topic of the summit. In fact, there was also talk of De Ligt, Wesley, Kean and Pellegrini.

12:30 – TMW – READY TO RECEIVE JUVE – (Click here)

12:20 – From Spain – Paris Saint-Germain also presents Neymar in Barcelona – (Click here)

12:10 – TRAORÈ towards AC Milan – (Click here)

12:00 – port – western harbour at the pole position of the stone – (click here)

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