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The Rates on the rise Italians are worried about having to take out a mortgage because the installments, especially for those who already have them variable mortgage, They started getting up. The European Central Bank’s announcement of a rate hike in July, which will be followed by another in September, is also worrisome. Which mortgage do you choose today then? The observatory answers.

What will mortgage rates look like in 2022

We are close to The end of the era of negative rates And that the upward trend for variable rates is just beginning, while for fixed rates it is already in a more advanced state. For example, the fixed price, which is linked to the IRS index; It gradually increased over the course of a few months. The Euribor, to which the variable price is related, is also rising. It held for now, but expectations are that it will return to positive territory early next month.

Average monthly surveys forBenchmark Index for Fixed Rate Mortgages The June 2022 20-year IRS reported a 0.29% increase to 2.13%. Minimum recorded in the last 12 months in December 2020: 0.01%.

Similar index to i Variable Rate Mortgages In June 2022 it averaged -0.31%, an increase of 0.08%. The minimum was recorded in December 2021: -0.58%.

until the concessions for youth With the Consap guarantee, which was supposed to revive the sector, was limited in its effectiveness due to the increase in rates that prompted all banks to suspend the offer of fixed rate mortgages with conscious collateral. incentive? Credit institutions have chosen to avoid offering fixed rate mortgages with zero or losing margins, completely eliminating this type of offer.

These are the banks with the lowest rates

Let’s see, on the side of the banks, which have mortgages with the lowest rates in June: Intesa Sanpaolo has suspended a show Mortgage Loans Flat rate and incremental fixed rates up to 35 basis points; Banca Popolare Pugliese has suspended Consap’s bid for fixed rate mortgages; Banca Sella cut spreads on flat rates from 15 to 25 basis points; Crédim increased its variable rate mortgage rate spreads from 10 to 20 basis points; Banco di Sardegna increased fixed rates from 20 to 50 basis points and increased spreads for variable rates to 19 basis points; BPER Banca increased its fixed rate from 22 to 40 basis points; BNL increased the flat rates from 10 to 30 basis points and the spreads from 5 to 15 basis points.

Mortgages, it is advisable to choose a variable rate with a ceiling

Note the sharp increase in Share of variable and variable mortgages with cap registered in June. Variable paid with the maximum with the new offer of Intesa Sanpaolo Mortgages which provides a maximum of 2.60% for mortgages with a maximum LTV of up to 80% in fact comparable if not lower than the corresponding fixed rate offered by the same bank . In general, to evaluate cap variables, it is not necessary to look only at the APR, it is important to take into account the cap that the product provides: in fact, the lower the cap, the more protection the product provides from future price increases – a guarantee of greater savings .

Which bank has the cheapest mortgage?

But what is the bank with Best loan to buy a house? According to, a simulation of the first home purchase and replacement process at a fixed and variable rate on a property located in Milan, with a property value of 220,000 euros, amount requested 140,000 euros and loan term of 20 years requested by a permanent employee for 34 years with a monthly income of 2,400 euros, it It presents the following best mortgage offers on the market:

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