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Free Fan for a Brand New Home at No Cost: Here’s how to create the best DIY fan to fight the scorching heat.

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The scorching heat begins to be felt all over the peninsula, and the cost of energy has a decisive impact on the pockets of Italian families. Running air conditioners, air conditioners, and fans every day leads to higher electricity bills.

As I mentioned Arrera, the wholesale cost of energy is going up with higher prices. The trend in the cost of electricity has seen a staggering increase in the one-time, two-time and F1, F2 and F3 bands.

Given the constant increases in the price of electricity and taking into account the fact that temperatures are rising sharply, you have to look for a cover to freshen the air in your home and to resist the heat and the infernal heat.

High electricity bills: stop air conditioners and fans

It’s time to stop wasting energy and air conditioning! Electricity prices have skyrocketed: one of the main reasons isIncrease in natural gas prices in world markets.

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Other factors have been added, including the weather factor, the sharp increase in demand after the pandemic and increased demand geopolitical tensions in the energy sector.

With the ever-rising cost of electricity, many Italian families have decided to turn off air conditioners, air conditioners, and fans. Why not make a DIY practical fan? It’s free and refreshes the house. Let’s find out how to create it.

DIY and Free Fan: Here’s How to Have a Very New Home at No Cost

How do you get a very new home at no cost? You can create a file blade fan. All you have to do is get a music CD, cork, candle, USB cable, scissors, and glue.

Simply cut the CD into eight wedges: After heating the CD with a candle, the CD wedges can be shaped as if they were propellers.

It is possible to divide the cork in half and insert it in the center of the CD. After inserting the electric motor, it is possible to fix everything with glue.

After cutting off the end of the USB cable, it is necessary to connect it with the red wire to the electric motor and then connect the USB cable to the USB port of the computer. At this point, the free fan is ready to use.

Free fan
Free DIY Fan –

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