New York, Supreme Court rejects (a century later) gun restrictions. Producers toast and fly to the stock exchange

There are no strict rules, everyone has the right to bring them arms Even outside your home. there Supreme court America rejects, as unconstitutional, the restrictions on Weapon port to me New Yorkactually siding to support Second Amendment. With this decision, which was taken with six votes in favor and three against, the court effectively enshrines the right to bear arms. president Joe Biden It said “deeply disappointed“From the court’s decision—and as stated in a White House memo—requires US states to “make their voices heard” on guns and rifles and “continue to apply the rules of common sense” for the safety of their citizens in the face of gun violence.

gunsmiths toast – New York’s failed law stipulates the need for one license To carry a firearm in public places, which limits the right to remove an invisible firearm from your home, except for proven personal safety reasons. limitations were In place for more than a century. The sages have proven that “The right reasonA”, set forth in the Big Apple, for weapons violate the Constitution because “The Second Amendment protects individual rights to carry a weapon with you Far from home in self defense“. there National Rifle AssociationPower Use the Weapon Lobbydeclaring “victory” after the sentence: “The Supreme Court confirmed that truly Carrying a gun doesn’t stop at the front door, the NRA wrote on its Twitter account. The immediate reaction to the Supreme Court’s decision was the stock exchange’s reaction: for example, the title Smith and Wesson (American Firearms Corporation) is up over 7%.

‘Contrary to the Constitution’ – “Because the State of New York grants permits to bear arms in public only to those who demonstrate a special need for self-defense, we conclude that this system violates the Constitution,” reads the sentence he wrote. Clarence Thomas and supported by five other conservative judges. This is the first important court ruling in defense of the Second Amendment, and it is the ruling considered in defense of The right to own arms, in more than a decade. This ruling may also have an effect in other states that have adopted laws similar to New York’s to authorize armed handling. The decision comes at a time when the debate over guns in the United States has heated up after the recent debate Massacre at an elementary school in TexasFor the first time in 30 years, he found himself Congress Bipartisan agreement to agree a package of measures for greater control of arms sales.

‘Disgraceful decision’ – A cruel replica of the governor of New York, Kathy Hochhol: “It is disgraceful that in a moment of patriotic reflection on gun violence, the Supreme Court did so recklessly repeal the law In New York it places restrictions on who can carry a gun,” the governor wrote on Twitter. In response to the court’s decision, the governor announced, “We are carefully considering our options, including one A special session of the Legislative CouncilHochul asserts that “I will continue to do everything in my power to keep the citizens of New York safe from gun violenceHe said the Supreme Court’s ruling puts New Yorkers at “additional risks from gun violence” and paves the way for a wave of violence. mayor from New York, Eric Adams.

The danger of the domino effect – A decision that, in addition to facilitating the circulation of rifles and shotguns in the city, could generate a domino effect Which can include 12 other states of the country, including CaliforniaAnd the New JerseyAnd the MarylandAnd the Hawaii And the Massachusetts. At the beginning of June, the mayor of New York also spoke about the issue because in his city, cases of gun violence have risen in recent years. From 2019 to 2021 they have passed From 777 to 1,562doubled in just two years, with numbers reaching their highest levels since 2006.

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