Nobody wants to work at Amazon

NEW YORK – “Not necessary, replaceable.” So Jeff Bezos has always described the ideal type of worker for embodying Amazon employees. But given the company’s internal relationship, he will have to change his mind, as he risks not being able to hire enough employees by 2024.

Seal, package, ship. To ensure fast service, Amazon warehouses need to maintain a tight pace and ensure work shifts that can cover 24 hours a day. The pace becomes unsustainable in the long run. At least 31,000 people who have worked or still work at the Amazon factory say they prefer working at Walmart.

Those who work in Jeff Bezos’ e-commerce factories are not there to stay, but instead are waiting for a better opportunity. Above all, hope it arrives quickly. In attempts to form unions, workers often spoke of a high rate of injuries, stress, computer monitoring, unsustainable rates of work, and repetitive tasks. If until now the managers of the company did not see the desire to move away as a problem, on the contrary, they considered the constant change of employees to be necessary, now, just like the forest, they realize that they are on the verge of running out of resources.

In an internal report, obtained from the Recode portal, the issues ahead are analyzed between now and 2024. The personnel issue is specifically addressed. Because within the next two years, Amazon may not have any US employment. The calculation was made on the basis of the citizen’s income level and proximity to the current and future structures of the company.

The aerated solutions in the plate are few and do not give much pleasure. It is written that we should aim to lower dismissal rates and thus keep the employee in the company for longer. It will be necessary, for example, to change some computer systems that automatically and without warning lay off employees for minor infractions. Another solution, which workers have been asking for for years, is a wage hike. For every extra dollar added to pay, 7% more workers willing to hire are added.

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