Perfect Xenon_ne Tifa cosplay –

Let’s get back to parts Final Fantasy 7 Remakea source of inspiration for the new cosplay teva Which we propose today by the excellent xenon Who really manages to explain it perfectly in this new shoot.

We have seen many other very convincing explanations, but this Tifa is astonishing for devotion Which was impersonated by the model, and really managed to give life to one of the closest to the virtual character we’ve seen, thanks to the care in rebuilding the character but also in the setting replica, which is clearly obtained with a bit of photo editing.

The costumeIn particular, it looks very well in every single detail, considering every simple decorative element and even more intricate ones such as armored gloves and a leather skirt with a special design. For the rest, the hair and body down to the features are perfectly in line with the original and seem to stem straight from the popular Japanese RPG by Square Enix.

It is clear that the reference to Final Fantasy 7 Remake, a remake of the classic that recently received confirmation for the second and third parts is currently in development. Model Xenon_ne directly refers to this remake of the RPG Square Enix as the inspiration for this great cosplay.

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