“Stop, I’m tired and exhausted”

The actress confirms to “The Hollywood Reporter” that she wants to take a long break from the stage

“I want to stay home,” he told CBS. “I am not doing anyone a favor to invest in a project by saying I want to stay home because I am always in a rush, in the race to the next thing. I just want to be present and responsible.”

And this time she seems really tired of keeping up with all the commitments and after 30 years of working and about fifty films she needs to get time for herself. She also admitted that falling back is a personal challenge for her.

“Work was always for me – she said – and I was really lucky. I realized it became like my ‘crutch.’ It was like always opening the fridge looking for something that was never there.”

Sandra added that she realized that she had always been unhappy with her success and that she had worked hard to strengthen her self-esteem: “I said to myself: Stop looking for her here…Put your soul at peace.”…

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