The new PlayStation Plus is finally available in Europe

If you visit the PlayStation Store, you will definitely notice: As promised, The new PlayStation Plus also debuted in EuropeFrom now on, it is possible to subscribe to one of the two new subscription plans (Extra and Premium) or keep your Essentials profile unchanged.

The PlayStation Plus website is revamped and clearly displays the changes between PlayStation Plus Essentials, Extra and Premium, allowing you to compare subscription and subscription plans by choosing the profile that best suits your needs among Monthly, Quarterly or Annual Payment Plan.

There is also a dedicated PlayStation Plus game catalog page, and under each title there is a panel that very clearly indicates the subscription level required for access (plus or premium), from the PlayStation Store you can easily access Sections for PS4 and PS5 games Or to the PS1, PS1, PS3, and PSP classics and back to the exclusive playable demos for Premium subscribers.

Starting from today PlayStation Plus evolves and renews itself To meet the needs of a growing audience, those who wish to keep the benefits of their existing subscription without changing their subscription plan will not have to do anything, and the subscription will be automatically converted to the Essentials profile at no additional cost.

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